Welcome to the new GameInformer.com! In addition to being able to check out all the latest news, reviews, previews, videos, and podcasts from the Game Informer staff, our new site has a ton of ways for you to contribute. You can join the conversation on our forums, help out the community with game guides, or make your thoughts heard in your personal blog. I’ll help you get started with some tips for writing a blog:

Style And Substance: Perhaps the most important thing I can caution you about is a lesson I learned the hard way: DO NOT COPY AND PASTE TEXT FOR YOUR BLOG POST FROM WORD. Microsoft Word and other rich text editors put hidden formatting tags in your text that don’t jive very well with our site. If you copy/paste from Word in your blog post, it’s going to mess up the look of your post, and it will be moderated. We’ll be sure to send along a warning, but continued copy/pasting from Word or other text editors will lead to a ban. If you’re like me and you absolutely MUST type a post out in Word before putting it into your blog, copy and paste it into Notepad, then copy and paste the Notepad text into the blog post. That will clean out the bad tags.

Don’t fret about missing out on advanced text editor features, though. Our blog editor lets you change your font style, size, and even color. Just be careful not to over-use these features. Making a headline bigger or a different color can set it apart from the rest of the text and help show that you’re moving on to a new subject, but if every word is a new color or bolded or extremely big, the changes will lose some of their power and possibly even become annoying.

Once you’ve got your words looking right, make sure they read right as well. Even if you’ve got the most exciting ideas in the world, your audience needs to be able to understand them. We recommend full sentences with periods, commas, and any other punctuation that might be necessary to make your sentences readable. Grammar is probably the least exciting part of writing, but trust me, the more you understand those basics, the better your writing will become overall and the more everyone else will want to read it!

Catch Their Eyes: Nothing draws people in faster than big, beautiful images. Whether it’s a screenshot or a picture of your most recent purchases, it’s always a good idea to include some visual stimulation in your posts. To do so, click the ‘Insert Media’ button as shown below. You’ll have the option to upload from your computer and put the image permanently on our site or to pull the image from another URL, although if you take it from another site, you run the risk of the image going down at some point in the future.

You can also set your max width here. I recommend setting images at 610 for max width. That way they fill a whole column on your blog and look awesome. As long as the picture you’re uploading is at least 610 pixels wide or bigger, you can just set the width to 610 here and it will automatically resize it for you.

If your image is smaller than 610 pixels wide, don’t give up hope! If you click on the image to select it, then right-click, you’ll get a menu with “Alignment” as an option. You can center the smaller image so it still looks nice, or play around with left-aligning it so that your text wraps around it. Experiment and figure out what looks best for you!