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Please bear with us as we have launched in beta so you may notice a bug or two. The best thing you can do is let us know right here in the Site Feedback Forum. Have a question or comment regarding the new site? This is your place.

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  • Forum Post: GI Profile Keeps Logging Me Out

    This hasn't been an issue for me before, as it only started happening today. For whatever reason, whenever I click on a link or article, or even just refresh the page, I keep getting logged out of my profile. It does this automatically, with no input from me whatsoever. Once I log back in, I still...
  • Forum Post: Re: The Official Bug Thread

    i cannot save my profile information Here what it tells me: Gateway Timeout The proxy server did not receive a timely response from the upstream server. Reference #1.d79c9bd5.1374498268.bf80f17
  • Forum Post: Private Profile Option

    Hey, GI I was wondering if we could get an option to make are profiles private, so non-gameinformer members/lurkers/creepers could not see them. Thank you for your time
  • Forum Post: Re: Why can't I change my avatar?

    I can't change my profile pic Can a mod do it?
  • Forum Post: no toolbar in bio edit

    I asked my friends if they knew how to put pictures/videos on their bio and one of them sent me a screen shot to help, but there was a toolbar attached to the bio box that wont come up on my profile. start a conversation with me if you know how to fix this
  • Forum Post: When are we going to get a section on our Profile for Wii U/3DS Usernames?

    Do you guys think we should get an option in our profile to type in our Nintendo Network IDs and 3DS Usernames/Friend Codes? We have it for Xbox Live, PSN, and Wii Friend Codes. Why not Wii U and 3DS?
  • Forum Post: Can't upload Avatars anymore

    Hi there. I can't seem to change my avatar image anymore. I keep getting the error message "access to the path is denied." Is there any fix for this? Thanks!
  • Forum Post: I can't update my profile!!!!

  • Forum Post: Profile issue!

    I have been having a problem on my profile starting a month ago (took a while to ask for help). The "comment button" underneath my profile name on my profile is missing, and the comment bar itself is in half. Any help will be appreciated!
  • Forum Post: Can You Change Your Username?

    Hey everyone, I wanted to change my username, but I can't find anywhere to do it. Can you change your username at all?
  • Forum Post: I Cannot Update My Profile

    I have been trying for days to update my profile, but every time I finish and save it tells me there was an error. After that, when I check my profile it doesn't have what I added on there. I wrote Testing 123 on there to see if it will work and it did, but when I put a huge update (with links and...
  • Forum Post: Most Common Problem Here, That i see

    I already Blog about it, and Started a Convo with a Mod about it. But then i remembered this part of the site, so i'll just leave this here. Might get a little confusing where to Comment so just leave...
  • Forum Post: Profile Bugs

    I have been trying to add more information to my profile, like my facebook, and myspace links but everytime I click the save button it tells me there was an error. Now I know this updated site is still new and has a few bugs so I waited a couple days and tried it again, but got the same problem why?
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