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Please bear with us as we have launched in beta so you may notice a bug or two. The best thing you can do is let us know right here in the Site Feedback Forum. Have a question or comment regarding the new site? This is your place.

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  • Forum Post: Can't access digital copy!

    So I recently upgraded to powerup rewards pro, and decided to get digital game informer too. Apparently this was a bad move, because it doesn't accept any of the correct credentials i put in. I even tried my old powerup rewards card number to see if that worked (which it didn't). It's already...
  • Forum Post: help with my edge card

    I need help I have a eb edge platinum card and tried to add my edge card number to my profile but it wont let me can someone help me out ?
  • Forum Post: no toolbar in bio edit

    I asked my friends if they knew how to put pictures/videos on their bio and one of them sent me a screen shot to help, but there was a toolbar attached to the bio box that wont come up on my profile. start a conversation with me if you know how to fix this
  • Forum Post: Adding widgets to my profile?

    I see the widget show up in the bio AS LONG AS I STAY IN EDIT MODE. Once I save and actually look at my profile, it's gone. If I go back into edit mode, it's still there. Why is it not showing up?
  • Forum Post: Can't upload Avatars anymore

    Hi there. I can't seem to change my avatar image anymore. I keep getting the error message "access to the path is denied." Is there any fix for this? Thanks!
  • Forum Post: I can't update my profile!!!!

  • Forum Post: Article In GameInformer Magazine

    Hey Admin/all knowing users, I am in a Sociology class and I used part of the article in the Oct.(?) or Nov.(?) issue entitled "Why We Play" by Ben Reeves for my presentation. (I did cite it!!) I was wondering if there was any possibility of getting a hold of that particular article for my...
  • Forum Post: I need help How can i get my digital Version code thingy?

    will it be sendt to me via post or email?
  • Forum Post: SHAKER: An RPG

    I'm a long time subscriber. I am trying to support this pretty awesome sounding Kickstarter game called SHAKER: An RPG. It is an old school RPG made my by two big time developers, Loot Grab. But no magazine or gaming sites have picked up on it yet. It has 21 days left on and some...
  • Forum Post: The City of Heroes community needs all gamers help!

    I am shouting out to all the gamers that read this and any other game forums. We NEED your help! August 31st we the loyal fans of City of Heroes were caught in a "Twilight Zone" moment as we all read the notice sent to us via the home page of our gaming network. We were all in total disbelief...
  • Forum Post: Please Help

    Whenever I sign out of my account it won't let me back in. All it says is Invalid user credentials. The only way I can sign in at the moment is if I keep emailing myself a new password. Then the same problem occurs. I would sign out and same thing again, Invalid user credentials. Anyone have any...
  • Forum Post: Not getting Game Informer at new address HELP!!

    Sorry if this is the wrong place to put this up, i couldn't find anywhere else to post it. After i moved to my new address, i changed my current address on the Power Up Rewards site and made sure that my new address was on my account at the Gamestop locations. After doing so i was told by a Gamestop...
  • Forum Post: Review archive not working?

    hey I dont really know where to put this but I have been trying to get the review archive to work for the past few days to check some reviews on some games I am thinking of buying and it just won't load for me is there are problem on your guys' end or should I clear my cookies or something? all...
  • Forum Post: Digital Gameinfomer

    Hi i just switched from getting the GI magazine in the mail to digital yesterday, but i cannot figure out how to access the digital copy now. Can anyone point me in the right direction?
  • Forum Post: Can You Change Your Username?

    Hey everyone, I wanted to change my username, but I can't find anywhere to do it. Can you change your username at all?
  • Forum Post: UPDATE: Where is my digital edition

    I have taken a bit of time and noticed that there are a few who are still having trouble viewing your digital edition. What I have noticed in a lot of these cases (nearly all) is that your private email address used for your Game Informer member account does not match the email for your digital version...
  • Forum Post: how to post user reviews?

    I've seen the help file, but there's no button as shown in them: I've tried this on different browsers, different computers and networks - so I'm a bit stumped. I'm logged in, it lets me score the games, I just can't find a review button on any...
  • Forum Post: Blogs disappeared?

    I have posted four blogs (I know it isn't a lot, but I took time to write them). But whenever I look at my page, there is only one blog showing up. I used a different browser and looked at my profile. The same thing was going on there too. Anybody know what is going on?
  • Forum Post: Gameinformer Magazine - Jan - 213, Elder Scrolls Link?

    Hello, Just signed up and am still learning. On the last few pages of the latest magazine was dedicated to "Elder Scrolls", written by Matt Miller. The second page states: "To read more about the history of the Elder Scrolls, visit for our full interviews with the...
  • Forum Post: RE: Login Problems

    Hey everyone, We've heard that some people may be having trouble logging in to the site. Here's a solution: Clear out your browser's cache (probably via the tools tab of your browser) and delete all the cookies. Then quit out of your browser and start it up again. This should...
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