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Please bear with us as we have launched in beta so you may notice a bug or two. The best thing you can do is let us know right here in the Site Feedback Forum. Have a question or comment regarding the new site? This is your place.

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  • Forum Post: Site Suggestion?

    Unless I am completely missing something ( I only joined like a week or two ago) it would be nice to have a reply notification system, so you know that people reply to you directly (or just post on your thread in general) on any articles. If this site already has this, then I'm sorry for the time...
  • Forum Post: The Sony Forum isn't loading

    At first I assumed it was my internet connection, so I went and unplugged all of my cables and plugged them back in, and then I restarted my wi-fi. I reloaded the page and it still didn't work for me. Then I assumed it was my laptop so I turned my laptop off and turned it back and reloaded the Sony...
  • Forum Post: What if i want to follow a thread I've commented on?

    Ive looked everywhere for the ability to check in from time to time on a thread ive commented on to show it to friends and see what they think of it or just go over it again. As of yet i have been unable to find a way to return to the thread aside from scrolling through several comments (sometimes hundreds...
  • Forum Post: no toolbar in bio edit

    I asked my friends if they knew how to put pictures/videos on their bio and one of them sent me a screen shot to help, but there was a toolbar attached to the bio box that wont come up on my profile. start a conversation with me if you know how to fix this
  • Forum Post: Re: Kindle Fire/Fire HD

    Yes, PLEASE make a kindle Fire Version. Or at least make it readable on the Kindle Browser. Thank you
  • Forum Post: Free digital subscription through Google Play for Print Subscribers

    Google has recently made this an option for digital magazines, but it's up to the publisher to enable it. Enable this for the print subscribers Game Informer. That way you don't have keep using that buggy app that doesn't even work on 7in tablets.

    I have been trying to call Game Informer via 1-866-844-4263 for several days now only to get crappy holding music and some automated voice telling me to "hold for the next available team member" and "we are experiencing higher than normal call volume" for several minutes w/o an answer...
  • Forum Post: The City of Heroes community needs all gamers help!

    I am shouting out to all the gamers that read this and any other game forums. We NEED your help! August 31st we the loyal fans of City of Heroes were caught in a "Twilight Zone" moment as we all read the notice sent to us via the home page of our gaming network. We were all in total disbelief...
  • Forum Post: This is ridiculous. How do I redeem my freaking membership?!

    I've spent the last 4 hours trying to figure out how the hell I redeem my digital membership for the magazine that I was promised at gamestop when I renewed my Pro Rewards membership. I've looked EVERYWHERE, on all of your freaking sites and there is literally zero information regarding how to...
  • Forum Post: How to make a group?

    I'm really sorry if this is some kind of stupid question, but I've been working off my butt to get to silver to make a group, but I can't seem to find out where to make it. I've traversed all over the website but can't seem to find a button to help me make a group. If anyone knows...
  • Forum Post: Not getting Game Informer at new address HELP!!

    Sorry if this is the wrong place to put this up, i couldn't find anywhere else to post it. After i moved to my new address, i changed my current address on the Power Up Rewards site and made sure that my new address was on my account at the Gamestop locations. After doing so i was told by a Gamestop...

    Well I know that everything is going digital, but I dont get on the computer enough to sit and read my digital magazine. I think for the $14.99 I spent on the subcsciption that I should have a choice of magazine or digital.
  • Forum Post: Sending picture to gameinformer

    hi there, my girl friend loved the cover of gameinformer #230, the elder scrolls online, that she got her first tattoo of it. who and where should i send the picture to? i'd love to see if it's worthy to get into the magazine
  • Forum Post: Suscription Number

    Good morning, I have a problem to read the magazine, I purchased the suscription Option#1, But I see on my profile, that I need a Magazine Suscription Number, I think it neccesary to read the online version. Someone Could Help me?
  • Forum Post: Re: Where's the link for the digital magazine?

    I received this same email when i reported this problem i subscribed through my PowerUp Rewards Pro Account
  • Forum Post: Replay requests?

    I seem to recall hearing that a few of GI's "Replay" games were voted on by fans a while back (sorry that I can't be any more specific about it) and I was curious as to how one votes for a game to be "Replayed" or "Super Replayed". Does anyone here know anything...
  • Forum Post: Digi Mag instruction layout request

    In the digital magazine, is it possible to get the how to use (instructions)section sent to the rear of the magazine w a link to it in the table of contents or on the cover. Detracts from overall experience of flipping through magazine, if right after contents i have to read instructions every time,...
  • Forum Post: game informer pisses me off

    dear game informer u piss me off i got my year subscription about a year ago and about 4 months later after i got it i moved to a new house. so i go to gamestop which is where i got the *** subscription and asked them to change my address so that the mag would come to my new house well guess *** what...
  • Forum Post: I'd like to recommend someone for GI to scout.

    I was reading up on "Pitchfork"'s retrospective on Chrono Cross ( ) and I couldn't help but think that he has written some of the best video game material I've read. I think his writing is easily on par with GI and you should consider...
  • Forum Post: Gameinformer Magazine - Jan - 213, Elder Scrolls Link?

    Hello, Just signed up and am still learning. On the last few pages of the latest magazine was dedicated to "Elder Scrolls", written by Matt Miller. The second page states: "To read more about the history of the Elder Scrolls, visit for our full interviews with the...
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