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Please bear with us as we have launched in beta so you may notice a bug or two. The best thing you can do is let us know right here in the Site Feedback Forum. Have a question or comment regarding the new site? This is your place.

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  • Forum Post: I haven't had access to my digital subscription and i'm IGNORED when i try to contact support

    i'm PISSED. i haven't had access to my digital subscription for a year. now that i renewed my gamestop pro membership i STILL can't access my game informer digital edition! IT STILL SAYS THAT IT CANNOT BE FOUND i have ALREADY contacted support and they do NOTHING. they tell me to do what...
  • Forum Post: Physical copy of magazine

    I find it incredibly annoying and counter productive that I have to call in order to have a physical copy of the magazine delivered. Had I known this I never would have signed up. Firstly you should have your employees let people know that's it's going to be digital when they buy it. Secondly...
  • Forum Post: Wheres the link to the digital magazine?

    I just recently switched my subscription to digital and I thought I'd be able to go the "Read Current Issue" section of the site to read my magazine. When I go to this section, there are no links anywhere to open the mag. I havent been able to view my issues since March. What's the...
  • Forum Post: Re: Kindle Fire/Fire HD

    Yes, PLEASE make a kindle Fire Version. Or at least make it readable on the Kindle Browser. Thank you
  • Forum Post: Free digital subscription through Google Play for Print Subscribers

    Google has recently made this an option for digital magazines, but it's up to the publisher to enable it. Enable this for the print subscribers Game Informer. That way you don't have keep using that buggy app that doesn't even work on 7in tablets.
  • Forum Post: Can't 'turn' pages of my digital mag ...

    Hi there, I've subscribed few days ago to the digital magazine. My problem : I just can't change the page which is printed without going through the summary button... The arrows just don't work ! (keyboard arrows AND graphics buttons arrows of the toolbar). Has anybody the same problem please...
  • Forum Post: This is ridiculous. How do I redeem my freaking membership?!

    I've spent the last 4 hours trying to figure out how the hell I redeem my digital membership for the magazine that I was promised at gamestop when I renewed my Pro Rewards membership. I've looked EVERYWHERE, on all of your freaking sites and there is literally zero information regarding how to...
  • Forum Post: Re: How do I find out my subscriber number?

    First let's tackle change of address. Even though you aren't receiving print magazines at the moment, you can update your address filling out this form - - now with that being squared away you need to contact the digital staff by e-mailing...

    Well I know that everything is going digital, but I dont get on the computer enough to sit and read my digital magazine. I think for the $14.99 I spent on the subcsciption that I should have a choice of magazine or digital.
  • Forum Post: Suscription Number

    Good morning, I have a problem to read the magazine, I purchased the suscription Option#1, But I see on my profile, that I need a Magazine Suscription Number, I think it neccesary to read the online version. Someone Could Help me?
  • Forum Post: Re: Where's the link for the digital magazine?

    I received this same email when i reported this problem i subscribed through my PowerUp Rewards Pro Account
  • Forum Post: Digital Gameinfomer

    Hi i just switched from getting the GI magazine in the mail to digital yesterday, but i cannot figure out how to access the digital copy now. Can anyone point me in the right direction?
  • Forum Post: Digi Mag instruction layout request

    In the digital magazine, is it possible to get the how to use (instructions)section sent to the rear of the magazine w a link to it in the table of contents or on the cover. Detracts from overall experience of flipping through magazine, if right after contents i have to read instructions every time,...
  • Forum Post: Digital email questions

    is it possible to view old magazines from your entire time of subscrition or do you need the links, bc i was not aware but gamestop had made my copies into digital instead of by mail how i had it before and havent recived anything since july. also is it possible to just switch it back to mailing again...
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