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Please bear with us as we have launched in beta so you may notice a bug or two. The best thing you can do is let us know right here in the Site Feedback Forum. Have a question or comment regarding the new site? This is your place.

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  • Forum Post: no toolbar in bio edit

    I asked my friends if they knew how to put pictures/videos on their bio and one of them sent me a screen shot to help, but there was a toolbar attached to the bio box that wont come up on my profile. start a conversation with me if you know how to fix this
  • Forum Post: The City of Heroes community needs all gamers help!

    I am shouting out to all the gamers that read this and any other game forums. We NEED your help! August 31st we the loyal fans of City of Heroes were caught in a "Twilight Zone" moment as we all read the notice sent to us via the home page of our gaming network. We were all in total disbelief...
  • Forum Post: Unable to sign in on iPad using Google Chrome

    I recently started using Google's Chrome iPad app. When I try to sign in at nothing happens when you tap the Sign in button after entering your login credentials, or hitting Go on the keyboard after populating your password in the Password field. It works fine...
  • Forum Post: Settings bugged

    I keep trying to save my settings for GI BUT the save button is like 'oh no you did not just press me' and sends me to the Game Informer 404 page ( ) not sure what is afoot (not a foot, i know what that...
  • Forum Post: can't Login on Chrome 16

    Trying to login just takes me back to the home page, the login button still there, taunting me. Posting this from FireFox :/ I'm using Chrome 16.0.912.75 m (latest up to date release) Also, the site is not very iPad friendly. Very crashy on pages that contain more than one video. Your site is a bit...

    when i click things sometimes it doesn't register media seems to run slower then it does normally when i'm scrolling through reviews when i go back it starts me right of in the beginning and that goes for a lot of things.. sometimes i get messages saying that variables are off and some crap about...
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