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Please bear with us as we have launched in beta so you may notice a bug or two. The best thing you can do is let us know right here in the Site Feedback Forum. Have a question or comment regarding the new site? This is your place.

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  • Forum Post: What if i want to follow a thread I've commented on?

    Ive looked everywhere for the ability to check in from time to time on a thread ive commented on to show it to friends and see what they think of it or just go over it again. As of yet i have been unable to find a way to return to the thread aside from scrolling through several comments (sometimes hundreds...
  • Forum Post: Blog Question

    I hope this is the right place for this question, just been having a problem with the user blogs. I posted a user blog a few days ago and since I am a subscriber it should appear under the user blogs section of the site, right? That doesn't seem to be the case. On my profile it also says "0...
  • Forum Post: Re: The Official Bug Thread

    There seems to be a problem with the sign-in page; nothing shows up. I'm trying to manage my blogs and it takes me to sign-in page, but there are no fields fill at all. EDIT: This is not really a problem to me, but just something I noticed. The sign-in page seems to be generally not working properly...
  • Forum Post: Question about blog viewability

    I have a quick question about blogs. I want to post more to my blog but it seems that no one ever views it. When I post something, I check the blog area but mine doesn't show up. What needs to happen for a blog to show up in the community/ take part section of the site so that I can get views? Thanks...
  • Forum Post: Blogs disappeared?

    I have posted four blogs (I know it isn't a lot, but I took time to write them). But whenever I look at my page, there is only one blog showing up. I used a different browser and looked at my profile. The same thing was going on there too. Anybody know what is going on?
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