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Unfair Comments

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  • Comments are ordered one of two ways: ascending (default) or descending. Because of this, unless you get your comment on the first page, it's very unlikely it will be seen. Even users that recognize this issue and switch to descending are still likely to miss possibly great comments. To fix this, I propose three changes: an up/down vote system be added; two new orders be introduced: popularity and trending; and a search function be created.

    The up/down vote system is self-explanatory. A simple system that lets you vote positively or negatively on a comment.

    Popularity would show the most up voted comments. Trending (the new default) would show comments that recently had an upsurge in votes.

    The search function would automatically search for and display the oldest and most relevant comment to the new comment you are creating. If you see one that is similar to what you want to say, you can up vote it instead of creating a duplicate comment because you were unaware of the original's existence.

    I look forward to feedback on my ideas.

    Thank you for reading,


  • Great suggestions!

    I would also like to see the "up/down vote system" and the "Popularity" & "Trending" options added. The search function sounds pretty cool, I'm just not sure how difficult that would be to code though.

    It would be nice too if clicking to see the next page of comments didn't refresh the entire page, just the comments section. Same for when clicking between ascending & descending options.

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