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are we forgotten?

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  • First i'd like to say i enjoy your magazine. Over time it has eliminated the fat and fluff articles leaving only that which we want, reviews and gaming knowledge. I'm a mid 40ish gamer who has been there since the begining. I was there at the industries birth and watched it grow over time. Ive owned just about every console from Atari to PS3 and all in between.  Being married for over 20 years and a mortage and kids in college and long hour career, i no longer have time for todays gaming. I understand business, and that being said, also understand its a mult-billion dollar industry. Make what sells....... and thats online co-op games. Or an rpg that you need to buy a 30$ guide and prepare for the most dizzying 120 hours of your life. I dont have that kind of time. Who said the game has to be co-op and so long for it to be good. Gaming iis a great stress releaver. Bad day at work and you can kill a few zombies or raid goblins cave for an hour before bed.... or can you. Dont get me wrong, I know there are great 1st person shooters out there for single players. I love Dead island, Rage, Fallout, Resistance, just to name a few, however even Rezident evil, a huge fav of mine, is starting to turn to the co-op. And Final Fanstasy, which ive played them all even the ones nobody remembers, has made it so hard to just play an rpg, level up, and hack away. Like i said, we are fading away... the old gamers. I know the money isnt in our age group, but toss us a bone.... like a ps3 version of Baldurs Gate or Champions. I want to play, save, and pickup where i left off the next night. And i would love to do this without having to hook my old nintendo up to bring Link back to life. Remember.... our generation was the one that funded the industry. Without us, it never would have made it. Dont forget about us.

    Original Gamer

    K.G. Loewer

  • That was great dude, I am currently 13 and I started on the PS1 i cant say what you are saying because I am so young. But I know what you are feeling. I am sorry about this... Maybe get your kids into gaming and play with them, I would love if my dad did this.

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