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Year of Nostalgia?

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  • I saw the Nintendo Press Conference at E3 today, and I was blown away.  Not because of all the new software, but because of the revival of old software.  Nearly everything Nintendo had at E3 was old games, reborn onto the Wii.  Such titles as Donkey Kong Country Returns, Goldeneye 007, and Kid Icarus brought back a lot of memories, and I was pleased to see all this.  This really suggests that today's video game market heavily relies on its own past to move it into the future.  That fact really shines this year, particularly with Nintendo, and I am happy to see this.  I think this year is the most nostalgic E3 we have had, and it's good to see that all the classics haven't completely overshadowed the new games and hardware, like Epic Mickey, Nintendo 3DS, and the PlayStation Move.

  • Wrong group to post this in, it should go into the Forum section of the site.  Then the Nintendo section.  This group is used for Site feedback such as bugs or suggestions.

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