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The forums need some changes.

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  • I don't think so, again take the Final Fantasy group for instance.  That's a very active group and if all their threads from that forum were to suddenly be visible on the main forums then the first 2 pages of the main forums would be almost nothing but sticky and Final Fantasy oriented threads.  Also, if all of a group's threads were visible on the main forums as well, then what'd be the point of the group?

  • But without the group then all the threads in the Final Fantasy Group would have occurred in the main forum pages anyway.

    Anyway, since we can't get rid of groups, this makes them as least intrusive as possible while still serving some useful function.

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  • TheDarkKnigh7:

    But without the group then all the threads in the Final Fantasy Group would have occurred in the main forum pages anyway.

    Anyway, since we can't get rid of groups, this makes them as least intrusive as possible while still serving some useful function.

    As far as the fact that most of the threads in the Final Fantasy Group would have occurred in the main forums anyways, that's fine, that's how it should have been in the first place.

    If a group's threads showed up in both the group and the main forums though, it would still be ridiculously redundant.  While I agree that would make groups the least intrusive, I still fail to see this "useful function" that groups would serve under this idea of yours.  Yeah, in the case of the Final Fantasy group it would gather all the Final Fantasy oriented threads into one place, however that's what the search bar is for so again it's redundant.

  • I was thinking about a forum change that I think might be helpful -

    Give mods a seperate mod account with a generic icon. I understand that mods are people too and as such they'll post and comment on things they like or dislike when not in MOD mode... however, by making the mods anon in that mode, it helps separate their objective moderating from their subjective regualr activity. They can log in normally, and post normally, but at the bottom of their posts they get a special switch that says "mod post" or "regular post"... mod posts have the blue mod livery and regular has their regular livery...

    I just see this as a way to deflate potential claims of bias from mods because they'll show it in regular mode when commenting on certain things, and it's fine, but when a dispute happens between a mod and thier actions on a community member its good to remove the idea that something was done in spite even if it's easy to see it wasnt.

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  • I'm not sure I get what you're talking about Shawn.  I don't think there's ever really been a problem with bias claims again mods.  I think as mods we're expected to put aside any bias we may have and try to promote equal treatment for all users.

    Besides, I want people to know who our mods are.  If over half the time I'm garnering my "civilian" livery then people, especially newcomers, may not identify me as a mod that they can approach for assistance with problems.

  • Agreed, dbull. Shawn, as Mods we have to set an example here and regulate things. Being a Mod doesn't affect how I (or others) post and what our opinions are. As long as I've been here, there has never been any bias with or against a Mod and other users.

    That just sounds like a waste of time, honestly.

  • I'm not saying you guys DO show bias, but from experience in the past and being someone who debates as a hobby elsewhere, I have seen mods get accused of bias.

    @Dbull what I was saying is that perhaps for mod activity use the blue outline, but common regular opinion posts just take it off... like a hat. That way there's a history to show that as a mod you're unbiased despite regular biased posts. As it is, say if a third party looks at and weights out the posts, your posts come up in a single line... all as mod (or mod and before mod)... having this sort of hat might make it easier for someone to prove themselves should it arise,and at some point it will because as a site one of its goals is to grow a user base and popularity which means attracting a larger more broad audience - its just a preventative measure suggestion, that's 'all. Sorry if it came off as though I was making a veiled accusation... I didn't intend for that.

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  • I've never seen any forum where the mods used separate accounts to post. That would be kinda dumb IMO.

  • I can point you to two off the top of my head, they're geared very differently and operate on... for lack of a better term, "higher plane of thought", but it's a practice in place FOR this reason. People know they're a mod because they make it known, or if they have to step in they throw the mod hat on... they conduct themselves with honor and candor in hatless mode, and warn someone if they are about to go mod on them...


    I mean if it's a dumb idea, its a dumb idea... I'll accept it. I was just making a suggestion, trying to help - and no... at no point do I want to be a mod (not that anyone considered it...just making it known way in advance should it pop into someones mind)

    CAUTION: Shawn's blog increases the risk of intelligence.

  • Back to the matter at hand, the forums.  I'll be honest, they seem a bit disorganized, I actually kind of steer away from them and use the groups.  Mainly because I'm sick of seeing MW2 threads over...and over..and over.  I really do like the groups idea, it works, it seems to do it's job, just no one uses them unless if it's a big game.

    For example, many people are in the Call of Duty group, but there's barely anyone in the Command and Conquer group.  CoD has a bigger fanbase than C&C ever will.  It just seems that's how it works.  Maybe you guys could pull off something like the Xbox forum does(Wow I said that?)  But it's organized, they have that huge list of game forums, it would seem to work better.

    After that have your typical general gaming, and everything else.  Also, these specific game forums, if there is a group for them, link the forums together.

  • Duplicate threads happen, especially with more popular games like MW2.  I've locked a few of them down and joined some others with the main MW2 thread.  It's annoying to see, but the mods are doing what we can to cut down the clutter as much as possible.  You need to remember, we don't have all the tools we were meant to have at our disposal yet, so it's going to take time.

  • i agree anthony i love the group ones, and stick with these more often than not. just wish we had more customization options with the groups to make it a btter experience.

    When will the developers of games let us actually gamers come up with a creative game idea? The world may never know....

  • Here's a thought on how to organize the game board forums at least:  In the main forums for each of the platforms we create a thread called: For specific game discussion, look here first (or, you know something more snazzy.  I haven't slept in a long time.)  We make each of those threads in their respective platform forums an announcement so it stays up top.  Inside the thread, we place an alphabetized list of all the games on whichever platform it is with a link that would redirect the user to the  group in which they can discuss whichever game they happen to be interested in.  As such a list would inevitably be quite large, we put a note at the top explaining how to use Ctrl+F for internet noobs.  

    This would be an enormously daunting task at first, but if we could catch up, and then add a link every time a new game is announced and therefore a new forum created, I think it would definitely streamline the main forums and leave them open for more general discussion.

    Thoughts on this idea?  I'm not even sure I'm making sense at this point.  

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  • I'm not sure how successful that would be Sartoris.  As you've probably noticed, Chf has made such a list in his The Big Game and Important GIO Threads thread, which is an announcement on the front page of the forums for all to see.  

    However, even though Modern Warfare 2 is in that thread (for example), we still see several Modern Warfare 2 threads pop up week after week, which leads me to believe that the very people that we'd want to pay attention to those kinds of threads would still ignore them and immediately click that "New Post" button.  

    It's a valiant effort to be sure, however Chf's beta thread for this idea hasn't shown the kind of success that we would've hoped for.  Something more is needed.  I think that's why some people, myself included, think it would be a good idea to make it impossible for new people to post new threads until they reach level 3, level 4, or level 5 first.

  • This is less an issue of what I'm going to from now on call the MW2 crisis, and more about redirecting traffic to where it needs to go.  The group forums are important for alot of reasons.  They allow for discussion of multiple topics about a game as opposed to just a single "official" thread in which people are carrying on several conversations at once.  

    Two other things:  first, the groups aren't going away.  And second, regardless of people's opinions on their usefulness, there seems to be a general consensus that the big platform forums are for general discussions and the group forums are for in depth ones.  

    I'm saying that if we set up threads like these in all of the large forums, we can just delete every new duplicate thread as they come about and send an email to the thread originator redirecting them.  It saves us the trouble of having to cull through the five new MW2 threads every day to see which discussions are worth joining threads and which we should lock down.  We just blanket delete and redirect to the appropriate group.  While that may seem a little harsh, at some point the forum users have to realize that there is a responsibility to being part of a community.  This is the sort of action that sends them a nicely phrased message early on and also keeps the platform forums from becoming unduly cluttered.  

    Also, it makes our job much easier in my opinion.  Especially if Sean can look into setting us up macros like we used to have on the old forum.  If not, what we moderator's can do is make a text file with links to all of the useful threads on the forums and copy/paste it into a message every time a new user makes one of these threads.  It's like a little care package directly from the forum mods.  All we need to do then is delete the duplicate thread, copy/paste the message, and add a link to the appropriate group.

    Ginger and Jack and four or five Feminax.

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