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Please bear with us as we have launched in beta so you may notice a bug or two. The best thing you can do is let us know right here in the Site Feedback Forum. Have a question or comment regarding the new site? This is your place.


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  • Update: with the new magazine out today ads are now loading. Go figure?

  • Try going to the browser settings and make it load in desktop mode.

  • 51% market share(android) ignored, 25% market share(ios) supported. fail....

  • The Android app doesn't work on Google's new Nexus 7 tablet; which I'm using now. Can you please update the app. Thx!

  • C'mon.....what's the hold up w/ updating you app already?? You want you install base to embrace digital yet you turn around and make it completely user-UNfriendly those of us not walking lugging a 10" tab. If you're not gonna take the time to optimize you own app the least you can do is work out some sort of partnership w/ Google (Play) Magazine to let those of us w/ tabs less than 10" access the Play (and by looks SUPERIOR) version of the mag.

  • Agreed with everyone,

    I have a ipad 2 which this app work's great for, but that things a pain to lug around. I now own a A100 Acer tablet (7") & Nexus Tablet. 7" tablet's are on the rise and with the lack of support for them, I think I'm going back to paperback once again....

  • this is so funny lmao. get this joke: g.I. partners with gamestop, which sells the nexus 7 ...and nobody at either place thought of making your digital sub work on the nexus 7# fail. biggest thing is none of you are even acknowledging it's a problem. amuse us at least. that's why I'm thinking of canceling completely...  you guys don't care why should I? anyone with any input on which magazine support nexus 7

  • I don't know about the rest of you, but, I've been able to use the GameInformer App since my last post; I won't say it's perfect, but, it works.

  • but if your paying for something should it work completely? I understand a few bugs but this is ridiculous. shouldn't have to put your device in desktop mode jus to see words and pictures.  and the extra digital content doesn't work at all. it's like if your paper copy was missing pages. I had to put my device in pc mode and I still I'm only able to do the same thing as the paper copy. I can just shut up and go back to the paper copy but I won't. we pay so we should be heard. still no response for Give.

  • still no response from* GI*

  • @sugad1982, Completely agreed. This is not only beyond ridiculous, it's UNACCEPTABLE. No excuse now.....there have been far too many 7in tabs on the market by now that, w/ the Nexus 7 being out since the summer, it's no reason they shouldn't have not already done an update that optimizes our subscription experience. Why push your digital sub when you can't even be bothered to see to it that all your subscribers can access the way they choose?? And if you're gonna sit and be lazy or slow to fixing it then ffs, just give those of us that don't have 10in tabs the option to pick up our subscription through another outlet--like Google Play Magazine--FREE of charge.

    Geez GI, all you need to do is look at the review stats on Android's Play Market to see how god-awful your app is: as of TODAY, it's rated w/ 1 1/2 stars. That's right. Not 3 stars. Not even 2....but a solid 1 1/2. And most of these reviews (mines included the name's 'Yeshiva' for the reviewer if you're curious) are from people simply frustrated that can't access THEIR subscriptions they've PAID FOR. Or they're angry that it's such a hoop-jumping process just to even download and view the magazines. It's pathetic that Google Magazine can do a helluva better job of delivering your digital magazine than you all seem to want to do through your own app

  • standing up and clapping for @pumpkinboogie but I'm sure they don't care they have our money already.

  • I swapped back top paper My nexus 7 can't use the app.

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