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  • Hey gameinformer.  I think that the most dissappointing game that I have ever bought was Brutal Legend.  It was funny, but the game itself wasn't very fun.  It was too simplistic, and it was a hack and slash game i gguess.  The game itself was just not what I thought that it would be.  I had high hopes for the game and they got crushed.  Just like being a Bengals fan.

  • The most disappointing game i've ever played is Kane and Lynch 2: dog days. the campaign is about 3 hours of you running through the streets of Shanghai and you get a level where both characters are naked.......... thanks for that it scarred me for life! it has a horrible ending with a boring story, the most effective weapon in the game is the shotgun for some god-forsaken reason, the AI has mental issues and they can 1 shot you even on easy difficulty. the multiplayer was brought in from the first game and the camera thing they have for it was a horrible idea since it bugs out with every bright light. also ive never seen a game with so many bugs. i had to restart multiple levels because i kept getting stuck in cover. i could write a book about all the things that irritate me in this game but those are my most specific reasons.

  • probably the conduit. i'm not a great fps player, but i was doing terrible on the easiest difficulty. i couldn't beat it, which means i probably suck or the counduit 2 better be better

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