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Xbox vs. Wii

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  • I used to consider myself a die-hard Nintendo fan.  I tried to only play Nintendo, and nothing else.  People were always telling me that Xbox 360 is so much better.  I used to always stay by Nintendo.  Well, I've grown to be a lot less biased and rigid than that.  I've grown to love many different games from many different manufacturers.  I think that the Xbox 360 is a great platform.  I've opened myself to the entire industry, and given many games a chance, and happily grown to love them all.  My question?  WHY CAN'T ANYBODY ELSE DO THAT!!!!??  Everywhere I go, people criticize Nintendo and calling it a gaming company only for little kids.  Why can't they appreciate the awesomeness in the Wii's original motion controls?  I mean when it was newer, it was amazing!  You could swing your remote, and Link would swing his sword!  It was so cool.  Now, nobody cares about the Wii, and even when it came out, it's popularity was very short.  Also, why aren't there more games for the Wii that are awesome and fun, and really show what motion on the Wii can do?  People also say that Nintendo only makes E-rated games.  THIS DRIVES ME INSANE!  Nintendo has made games ranging from T(and that's not only smash bros.), to some M games.  I'm not complaining, I'm asking for someone to restore my faith in my fellow gamers.

  • Hey Nightscout,

    I would usually try to very politely explain why your post has problems, how I agree/disagree with it, etc. But I've had a long day, and this is the internet, so I'm only going to bother to be semi-polite.

    First of all, this is the wrong forum to post this thread in. It should be pretty obvious where the right forum is if you actually bother to look.

    Secondly, the forum rules state that you may not post Vs. threads, as they inevitably lead to flame wars. Forum rules can also be found in the obvious place. Generally it's a good idea to know the rules before you play the game, capiche?

    Third, you could probably find another thread with exactly this topic if you used that oh-so-obvious search bar up on the top of the page. You're not the only one with this opinion. To some extent, I agree with you, but I'm so tired of hearing people b*tch and moan about this I don't feel like giving encouragement.


    Nobody likes a giant wall of text. Hit the Enter key once in a while.


    Now a Moderator can deal with locking/moving this thread and delete this post if needed.

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