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The truth about PS4

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  • I have been a playstation fan since the PS1 replaced my Sega Genesis. However, I don't think that the truth is being told about the new PS4 system. I brought my PS4 in December of 2013 and if the truth be told, I am very disappointed by the system. First off, there is never enough consoles available in stores or online to meet the demand for customers. Along with a limited suppy of consoles, but all the extra equipment is in short supply as well. Another disappointing factor is the games, or the lack there of. Without the system being backward compatible, it limits the game play, and the people that feel it the worst, were those that got rid of the previous generation. Even with the possibility of being able to have digital copies of previous gen games in the future, it still isn't worth it. Especially if you own a disc copy of a game and your being charged again to download it, which also takes space on your hard drive, you will find that you are paying more to play old games. So the PS4 technically forces you to have both new gen and old gen or pay more in order to continue to enjoy some of your favorite games. Another disappointing factor is the myth about being able to play with your friends who still have the previous gen. The most that can be done is a message, no chat, web cams, or any other feature will work between the gens. The other disappointing factor would be the promise of better looking games than the previous gen. Truth be told, unless your a televsion nerd measuring frames per second, there is really no difference in appearence between games on the PS4 and the PS3. Games such as Call of Duty Ghost and Battlefield 4 are examples of how there is really not any major differences. I know a lot of people are waiting on tax refunds to purchase the PS4, however as a person who owns one and have owned it for some time now, I am warning you, that you will be disappointed. PS4 owners are still sitting back with the hopes and promises of changes and improvements that are supposed to take place, however those changes don't have dates, so its no telling how long we will be waiting for these changes. I find myself still playing my PS3 and PS2 more than my PS4. If you look past the hype of it being the next gen and look at the capability, at its current state, its a waste of money. Even the first releases of the PS3 were backward compatible. Im still a die hard PS fan, but want to ensure that other fans know the truth.

  • As someone who does not own a PS4, so would have no reason to bias myself towards it: Being in short supply shouldn't hinder your enjoyment of one you already have, very few consoles ever have a good lineup at launch, so PS4 is no different in that regards (big reason I don't have one yet), but it obviously is getting games soon, with Infamous out in March, and several other exclusives like The Order and Uncharted 4 already announced. They never claimed the PS4 would be backwards compatible, and only one model of the PS3 had backwards capability, so going in expecting such is simply ignoring announced facts and recent history of the console line. I don't recall any promises about cross-generational play either, so IDK where you're getting that from. The games do technically look better: they are in a higher native resolution on PS4 than they were on PS3, and the consoles have vastly more RAM and stronger CPU's in order to allow for greater graphical power, and I personally have noticed a difference in games like Assassin's Creed 4, though in all honestly it will probably be Naughty Dog who shows us what the console is truly capable, so wait for Uncharted 4 before passing that judgement. `

  • Basically dude, just be patient. The PS4 will get some great exclusives soon that will showcase the real power difference between the generations. If you expect immediate gratification out of a new console, honestly, don't buy it on day 1 one, because it's almost always at least 6 months until they are worthwhile. Until then, be glad you still have your PS2 and PS3 so that you still have plenty of good games to play while you wait for the PS4 to start picking up steam.

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