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Physical copy of magazine

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  • I find it incredibly annoying and counter productive that I have to call in order to have a physical copy of the magazine delivered. Had I known this I never would have signed up. Firstly you should have your employees let people know that's it's going to be digital when they buy it. Secondly you should at the very least make it so you can just check a box to get the physical copy. You shouldn't have to make an extra phone call. I enjoyed being able to read the magazine where ever I was. Now you want me to constantly have my laptop or tablet with me. I like to read in the bathroom before my shower. I'm not taking my high end electronics in there where they can get damaged. I am deeply disappointed and am questioning even shopping at gamestop anymore due to this. I can get the same deals online. The main reason I went was because I liked getting the magazine and reading about games I might want to buy. With your digital distribution I don't get that. I may as well go to gamespot or giantbomb. They have more updated info anyway.

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