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Blog and Review trouble

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  • @KillerRabbitsFTW, it's back up.

    So.. As of yesterday we released a fix for the problem people have been having with their blogs.  Of course, if anyone is still running into issues please post here and let us know!

  • I'm not having any issues with the blogs publishing, but I just ran into someone who posted on my profile saying he couldn't submit a comment to my blog. I also noticed that when I comment, it doesn't use my display name. It defaults to my account/username. When I post everything is fine, and when I visit my account everything is fine, but commenting shows my display name incorrectly.

    Edit: So, for reference, my name when posting here in the forums is "Jon Gregory," but when I make a comment it reads "o_JMan240_o".


  • If I have time, I'll try and find VincentV's comment tomorrow so I can see what happened to it.  In the meantime, any more details from him would be helpful, like error messages if there were any.  

    As for your display name not showing up in comments, I'm happy to say looking at your account helped to spotlight why the display name works for some users and not others.  Now it's only a matter of working in a fix, although I can't give an exact date on when that fix will come.

    So yeah, thanks for the report!

  • I'm rather new to Game Informer's website and I'd like to submit a user review. The problem is that I do not see the link labeled "Write a Review", as stated in the Site FAQ. The link is not there.

    I could be missing something very obvious, but if anyone can point me in the right direction to submit a user review, I really would appreciate it. Thanks in advance.

  • What I usually do for reviews is I'll search for the game I want to review, click on it, then I'll see the Write A Review link and go from there.  I hope that helps!

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  • I appreciate the fast reply, but I have visited multiple pages for multiple games on this website and, as I said, the "Write a Review" link is not being displayed. It's not there. That location is empty.

    I've tried using multiple browsers, logging in and out, making sure all of my security settings are in order: I've even used my browsers' page search functions to look for "Write a Review", but nothing. The link simply isn't displayed on the games' pages.

  • At the moment you need to be a bronze level user to write a game review.  This hasn't always been the case, but that's the way it's set right now, probably to prevent abuse.

  • Thank you, Zach. I was racking my brain about this all night, so I appreciate the clarification on that.

  • Just sort of piggybacking off my post about a week ago, I've noticed that the user blogs block YouTube embedding using the YouTube embed code - it just shows up as a blank line. This clearly doesn't happen for staff post, as evidenced by Joe Juba's recent feature. When I use the site's tools to embed it looks really ugly, it's a giant 4:3 embed that can't be centered or resized. So if I wanted to set the aspect ratio to 610x343 - the standard scale down from 1280x720 when images of that size are simply plugged into the site's blog image tool - I can't actually do that. I really like making my blogs look neat, and it's a little annoying that I can't embed videos in a way that looks nice when that doesn't seem to be a limitation elsewhere on the site. This has been an issue with YouTube embeds, at least for me, for all of the 4-5 years I've been blogging on the site.


  • There's a hidden feature that lets you do that.  Insert the video using the sites tools as usual.  Once you get a tag that looks like this:



    You can adjust the aspect ratio by appending a width and height to the url, like so



    Just tried it on a standard user account and it worked.

  • Hey Zach. I lost a blog on Monday or Tuesday. Could you restore it?

  • I'm sorry but I don't see it anywhere, you're probably going to need to repost it.  

  • Hi Zach, for some reason my blog disappeared again :/ I hadn't even touched the blog since you brought it back. I have no idea what's going on. Any chance you could bring it back again?

    So, besides that, how'd you like the play Ms. Lincoln?

  • Hi, posted a blog and it showed up briefly, then it disappeared.

  • I know this thread seems dead (I'm a natural born poet), but I have a post that absolutely refuses to get published.  I've taken things out of it, copied and pasted it to a new blog, changed content.  Everything.  I've tried to publish it a dozen times, but absolutely nothing works.

    How should I proceed from here?  I've worked on this for at least five hours and don't want all of my efforts to be in vain.

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