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Video Adds

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  • I had a question for the Mods or whoever.  I'm a subscriber to the magazine and I completely understand that making a website isn't cheap or easy; however I'm quite frustrated with the amount of ads I have to sit through to watch a simple video in a thread.  Sometimes they don't register and I get stuck watching the same twenty second ad a few times before I'm able to watch a measly minute video.  It's almost becoming not worth it.  Is there any way I could pay to be able to avoid these ads?  I've been a subscriber for as long as I can remember and would be more than willing to increase that payment to avoid hearing more about Defiance!

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    Rainheart, I'll never forget you.

  • Adblock is your friend, I recommend you use it if you're having problems.

  • Cant Agree anymore with dbull there arent many other solutions.

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