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3 Separate Log-Ins?

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  • So in the process of going all digital, and trying to access the digital copy of Game Informer, It came to my attention that my gamestop.com log in does not log me into gameinformer.com or poweruprewards.com....so now to purchase things from gamestop i have to log in to gamestop.com, to read the magazine i have to log in to gameinformer.com and to see or redeem any account history i have to log in to poweruprewards.com...


    Are you kidding me Gamestop? Why couldn't you be like every other company and have gamestop.com/gameinformer and gamestop.com/poweruprewards...then you have 1 log in to access 3 separate sections of the same company, it's bad enough trying to remember all off the mmo log ins and passwords, facebook, gmail, yahoo..etc..but now there's 3 separate log ins for just gamestop...get with the times

  • Even better...if I log out of gameinformer.com click on the link in my email to view the new magazine, it prompts me to log in, so i log in and the screen refreshes back to gameinformer.com with me logged in, I click on the June digital issue again and get instantly prompted to log in again...so i have to log in to gameinformer.com after clicking the digital issue in my email, then I have to log in again to actually see the issue digitally...this is becoming more of a hassle than it's worth...I'll be visiting my local gamestop to have this digital cancelled...seeing as there's no way to switch myself from digital to paper and vice versa...

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