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Spam and Mods

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  • Is there gonna be any mod promotions soon? There's been spam sitting on the blog section all day, and it seems like the few mods yall have aren't real active.

  • Personally my computer's hard drive has been dead since December 30th and I haven't had a chance to get my new hard drive up and running yet.  Right now I'm using my brother's computer to post this while I'm visiting him on one of my days off from work.

  • Good luck getting your computer fixed. :(

    It seems like it would help lighten the workload out on yall too and help out when there's unforseen circumstances if GI picked some more of the higher-ups in the community.

  • Are you going to make an appeal centre for falsely accused spammers?

  • I looked at the mods list, I've never even SEEN most of the people. Only ones who seem to still have any activity left is dbull, Supersnake, and The Mods. Is anyone willing to bring this up with the powers that be at the GIO community management? You have lots of people like Saint, Apozem, Eyros, born4this, and Mray who are incredibly active and would keep GIO's community running smoother.

  • I have a question related to this - is there anyway to fix the "Report User" feature? Right now it takes me out of the site to my computers mail program and I have to email the site. Seems like it would be easier to streamline it and have it stay in-house, a user/post gets flagged for spam and mods review the user/post and act accordingly. Granted this may make the flag feature more prone to abuse, but I frequent GameFAQS forums and it seems to work well there. I believe they counter abuse with mod penalties of their own.

    Thanks, and sorry for taking your thread in another direction Stranger. I agree with you, they could use more mods. I don't post a lot, but I see a lot of spambots lately advertising knock-off Nikes and what not.

  • What you described Aaron is hopefully what we will see here someday. I'm pretty sure it's on the "to do list" for the web guys here.

    There's a lot of users that will either post a comment on my profile or send me a conversation when they find inappropriate content on the site. Doing that is a lot faster and will be seen faster as well in my opinion. So I would just suggest sending a link to the page to a Moderator or one of the staff members such as Jeff M. or Joey Guerra.

  • Will do, thanks for the quick reply. I know it takes time to set these things up. Those spammers are a minor nuisance but a nuisance just the same. You guys do good for the size of the audience you have, good to see you're looking to improve though.

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