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Formatting issues when posting a blog/using the advanced editor

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  • I noticed this on my last blog post that it seemed whenever I would look up and down my post, double checking it before I submitted it, the post would be fine.  But then afterwards when I would go into it the post always had 3-5 formatting errors as well as sometimes I would get entire segments of my post moved from wheere I had them to random places (The first time I posted using the advanced editor I swear it just took my paragraphs and placed the randomly throughout my post). 

    In addition to that though I found it nearly impossible to change the size/style of highlighted words due to the fact whenever I would change it the highlighted section would (without fail) skip down at least 1 character making the start of my next paragraph in the same format as the section I was trying to format. 

    I only noticed it when I put in a lot of HTML (I used 3 font sizes, bold italic and threw in some images) so I may have overloaded it, but still it was very troublesome to go back in and edit my post 2-3 times each time I made an update on it, just because it would reformat itself after I hit submit.

    I don't know if it is a bug or if it was something I did, but I know I'll probably have a few more blogs where there will be a lot of HTML and I would like to avoid this in the future.

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