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How do I view Game Informer on a Kindle HD (already subscribed)?

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  • I can easily buy a subscription or a single magazine on the Kindle HD, but I already paid for a subscription at Game Stop. Is it possible to download an app or something and then log in to my existing account to view the mag? The only options are 1.)Free month trial 2.)Purchase yearly subscription 3.)Purchase single magazine. I don't mind continuing to view GI on my computer but it would be better on my Kindle.

    Does anyone have any suggestions?

  • No, you're basically screwed, sorry--as w/ many of us who has tabs in 7 in. range. There was a thread about this issue....that 'someone' conveniently closed off from anymore comments (though that particular thread was the only one that been fairly kept alive for almost 2 yrs.....).

    GI frankly seems as though they don't give a flip about even trying to remedy this situation w/ digital subscriptions. They continued ignore the same Android small tablet (7-8 inchers) consumers just as well w/ this headache of an issue, so I doubt you all that use Kindle HDs will have any better luck.They only made the Android app quasi-function for 'smaller tab screens' but they've yet to really break it down and optimize completely.

    Sadly, the 'solution' you stated is pretty much the one you already stated about getting ANOTHER sub/single mags through Amazon themselves. I've been doing monthly sub thing w/ Google Magazines, personally and they work great. But it's pathetic that you even have to go through doing like this, when GI could simply just fix their own crap......and realize 'Big Tabs' don't rule the market anymore. <_<

    Edit: Well it stands that it seems, at least w/ Android tabs of all  sizes, GI has finally seemed to make something of a workaround in the since that they've made it possible to link our subs w/ Google Magazine. However, I still don't think this will translate into any benefit for Kindle HD users (I mean unless you went through the trouble of 'rooting' and THEN changing it so that it works also as pure Android tab).

  • Thanks for the post PUMPKINBOOGIE

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