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Ha! I Just Remembered This!

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  • Hey guys, remember when we all went to Hooters when we were all drunk and disorderly at, like, 3 in the afternoon and we all piled into my friend's van without him noticing because he was too busy makin' out with this ugly chick even though he was supposed to come with us but he was breaking man law so we kicked him out of the party?  And then remember I was driving and the cop pulled me over and I asked him why and he couldn't come up with a good enough reason so he let us all go but then I got excited and made an illegal left turn and the SAME cop pulled me over AGAIN and then he gave me a ticket?  And then one of you guys, I forgot who, got out of the van and sweet talked the cop (did I mention the cop was a sexy lady?) enough into her writing off the ticket and then she sent us on our way AGAIN and when we finally got to Hooters I remembered the cop still had my driver's license so we went to the police station to get it back but by the time we got there it had closed down?  Then do you remember my friend who was making out with the ugly chick earlier driving up to us in his other car (which was an Escalade) and yelling at us for stealing his crappy van but then another one of you ran up to him and gave him twenty bucks and he then apologized to us and then he drove off but accidentally hit that same cop who pulled us over twice and she gave him a ticket but then noticed us and flashed us for no good reason?

    Because I still don't have my driver's license.  If you find it, return it to the address on the card.

    ...in the shower.

  • lol - the police station was closed down...

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