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LOST Season 6

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  • well we need to find who has a green eye first and will sayide die and what about fake locke will the smoke moster be revieled and will hurley finnaly kill someone who knows

    Modern warfare rules now only play 2 O_O
  • I thank tha season 6 will be the most intence one yet and as staange as it sound I thing Charley is coming back in the final season. Realistically a nuke going off would easily kill everyone without even trying so its going to neat

  • i think it was one of the best episode yet my mind was blown also

  • The man in black is the smoke monster a.k.a John Locke who had Ben kill Jacob so that he could return home. I'm satisfied to know that, because they didn't rise another question when the other was finally answered! But alas, I'm raising my own: Why did the smoke monster kill numerous other people who then whispered some creepy dialog into the others ear. And who is coming, who is this, "They" that Jacob speaks of!

    Another interesting introduction was the dirty pool of water? Is this the center of the Islands healing power? Is Sayid now evil? Let's just say, I'm blow from my skull to see the next episode!

  • I think that the "they" is the smoke monster.  I am also thinking that maybe Sayid is not evil, but instead a reincarnation of Jacob.  Also did anyone else think that the two separate time lines might actually be dimensions based on the whole quantum suicide and immortality and schrodingers cat theory's.

  • I'm with Tiki. I've been reading various chatter around the Net, and it all points to Sayid being Jacob. Explains why Sayid couldn't die or else bad things would happen, doesn't it? So, it all points to Sayid and PsuedoLocke having some big battle (quite possibly the last battle). I'm wondering where they're going with the whole split dimension thing. I understand that it's what would have happened if 815 didn't crash, but where are Lindelof and co. taking it to? I think we all can agree on that: 1) Jack will somehow surgically repair Locke, and 2) Christian's coffin is gone, and it will not be able to be found. Can't wait for next Tuesday!

    What would the world be like if everything suddenly disappeared?

  • Well by the looks of episode 3 of lost, Syid is not Jacob, and is going to turn into a wild man!

  • My mind was blown (again) after last night. Especially with Pseudo Locke showing Sawyer the cave with the weights and the names, I really got excited about the fact that we are starting to get some answers. The flash sideways with Locke and Linus had me in stitches for a good 5 minutes, as well as Linus' words after Lapidus, Sun and Ilana buried Locke. I wish Claire had been on (even if briefly- I want to know what her and Sayid's deals are with being "infected"). Regarding Kate's name not being on the cave, I think that the candidate protectors can only be men (so Jin would be the candidate, not his wife). Sawyer is going to play Psuedo Locke like a piano, I'm calling it already. No way is he that stupid to let that evil off of the island. Finally, who is the little boy? I thought he resembled Jacob, but other places on the Net are saying it could be Aaron or a younger Sawyer.

    What would the world be like if everything suddenly disappeared?

  • Crappy, there wouldn't be a lost.... lol

  • Just found this group! Personally I use the lost forums for all my lost discussion but its nice to see we have a little community here as well. Season 6 is going strong! It seems to me the end is way further away than it really is though... the writers must have something up their sleves, eh?

  • so far I think the candinateds are the numbers that kepp apprearing any connection

    Modern warfare rules now only play 2 O_O
  • DOGEN.... R.I.P.... :(....  oh and his sidekick the hippy dude...

    PS. I hate Sayid twenty times more now!!!!

  • I don't know what they're doing to this show.  This night's episode really bothered me because Sayid just isn't like that.  It doesn't make sense to his character.  I guess it's possible that he's not really Sayid because he was dead for 2 hours but that lesser plotline is getting annoying because it's just being used to put the characters in opposition to each other so they can fight.  It's getting dumb.

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