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If you don't think Lost is the best show on TV, you need to move on to another group.

LOST Season 6

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  • Oh... I just typed a long comment here & it never showed up.. Hm, I'll just highlight the main points I suppose... sorry if they both show up.

    New Locke assembling his army at the end is building so much suspense! And the flash-sideways seem as pointless as ever ( but i have faith they will tie-in in the end. ) 10 episodes + the two hour finale left, i believe. that makes 12 technically. Oh boy!

  • Yes, maybe Locke (Smoke Monster) is a really good guy. He probably,like every other old person, just wants to be loved by as many people as possible. If you were a big angry smokey monster thing that sounds like a roller coaster and then randomly  transformed into your grandfather with man breast, wouldn't you be willing to make as many friends as possible? I sure would! So what Smokey really needs is a hug... I think Smokey will probably have all the people of the island hope onto his back and fly away off into the distance... THE END. I mean by this point with all my favorite characters dead and the story getting more confusing and addicting by each episode, My theory makes perfect sense! .... well kinda...

    PS. R.I.P. - Faraday, Pace, Dogen *Tears*  

  • Did anyone see the preview for next week about Richard? It looks really good... a lot better than the past two episodes. What do you think about this upcoming episode?

  • RICHARRRRRD! maybe theres another post or forum im missing, but comon we should have a better LOST community on here. Anyways, RICHAARRD! The ep i've been waiting since the dawn of this character for. And it did not let me down. Amazing acting by richard tonight, and the episodes suprising flashback to present ratio was a bit different from the usual routine but i liked it. It was like 90% flashback. Probably the best ending this season as well. Im so excited, just HOW are they going to wrap this show up? See ya'll on lostforums.com until you put some more effort forth on these forums

  • Craziness.  Just craziness on tonight's episode.  3 main characters, just gone like that.


    My idea of the ending of lost is that the bomb from season 5 created two alternative stories or lives in which one is if Locke succeeded in getting off the island and the other is the regular life of the losties. Everybody in the flash sideways is dead and the island is underwater (because Locke sunk the island). If I recall correctly I remember someone saying that if Locke succeedes you and everyone you know will be dead. The regular story seems to move on but ends us with Jack because ultimately Jack is the main character and he scarficed his life for his friends to live on and not to have the island sink (something that he believed in that originally was REAL Locke's belief ).

    This is just an idea that I had thought of, so if anyone has any input on this I would be more glad to hear it.


    RIP LOST  2005-2010...


  • hahaha RIP LOST.

    So I had 2 friends and my dad in front of my HD large screen, popping chips and sodas and pizza, heavily debating during each commercial break for the finale... and I must say I'm going to miss it dearly. I'm reading about the mixed reviews but for the most part I'm happy about the ending. Particularly the closing shot, that was perfect; I even predicted it exactly!

    So yeah, maybe all of our questions weren't answered within the confines of the show, but the writers were more focused on the character's tale and not necessarily the island's. We will most likely get all those answers in a Q&A with the writers whenever they decide to go public.


  • If any of you guys have the time, I just finished a new blog on my profile about the Lost ending and my feelings on it. Basically, it talks about the real meaning of Lost: the characters. We were so caught up on the mystery of the island, that we totally put the characters' stories as a secondary plot. If you want to know more just read the blog entry.

    Lost has been such a big part of my life, and it's kinda sad that it's over now. I'll probably buy the collection when it comes out so I can relive all the great moments in the show.

    Lost: Sept. 24, 2004 - May 23, 2010

  • www.youtube.com/watch


    - LOST tribute video.... It's a shame lost is over so fast....

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