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how did you like lost season 6 premeire

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  • I loved it and was that what would of had happend if they nevere crashed on the island and the smoke monster being kacobs enemy who is a fake locke and sayid dies but comes back so if i had to say something bad there is only 1 thing whene is claire comeming back and what about locke is he dead or will he come back
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  • There is this magic thing called punctuation. It makes what you're saying comprehensible. Try it sometime, it's pretty crazy.

    And the premiere was pretty cool. I'm not sure how the "flash-sideways" clips are going to tie into the story of the people on the island, but it'll probably have something to do with Juliet's final words: "It worked."

    Since they or some alternate universe versions of themselves got off the island, you finally get to see what would've happened. I think that the majority of the survivors were better off on the island than off.

    All in all, great premiere. Can't wait to see who or what Sayyid is. The producers have stated before that once you die on the show, that's it. You're dead. No exceptions. So, this begs the question about Sayyid. Should be good.

  • awsome

    Modern warfare rules now only play 2 O_O
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