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  • Forum Post: Before Watchmen Thoughts?

    I just finished reading the final issues of Before Watchmen: Minutemen and BW: Silk Spectre. These were easily my favorite titles out of the group, and now I was wondering if any one had any thoughts on the series as it comes close to it's conclusion.
  • Forum Post: Before Watchmen

    DC Comics recently announced that it will be releasing Before Watchmen, a limited run series that will be following a number of the Alan Moore's classic 80's series. Rorschach, Minute Men, the Comedian, Nite Owl, Silk Spectre, Ozymandius and Dr. Manhattan will be getting their own books. My understanding...
  • Forum Post: DC Movie Thread

    Well currently Iron Man 2 is getting all the love, but people we can't forget good ole' Batman. I've read a post about a Batman 3 announcement, and figured die-hard fans deserved a place to call their own, when it comes to the DC universe and it's movies. Lets hear it for Batman, Superman...
  • Forum Post: Free Comic Book Day 2010

    Today was May 1st, Free Comic Book Day. I just got back. Who went? What did you get? Did you go to one store or did you go to multiple stores? Stuff like that. I went to one store but i got 2 free comics and 3 50% of back issues. It was cool this was my first FCBD. I went in with my mom and my little...
  • Forum Post: Watchmen

    Just watched this movie about 3 days ago, was actually a very good film adaptation of the comic. There were some obvious flaws in the movie (acting, mostly) but I thought this was actually a good movie, even though some critics bombed on this movie. Your thoughts?
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