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  • Forum Post: Re: Seceret Origins...That Should Not Exist!

    @ Cameron and Chaos: It's funny 'cause I put Salicrup's name into the swagbucks search engine and got 40 swag bucks so that was sweet. I also read a pretty straightforward breakdown of the story on the dailyraider (be warned, the writer uses a lot of profanity so if that offends you don't...
  • Forum Post: Free Comic Book Day 2010

    Today was May 1st, Free Comic Book Day. I just got back. Who went? What did you get? Did you go to one store or did you go to multiple stores? Stuff like that. I went to one store but i got 2 free comics and 3 50% of back issues. It was cool this was my first FCBD. I went in with my mom and my little...
  • Forum Post: Civil War

    I was thinking about buying this hardcover edition of the Civil War line of Marvel comics , it includes issues 1 - 7 . I just wanted to hear some peoples thoughts on the story , and if anyone knows if that is the complete story . I know that there are also some issues of Spiderman devoted to this story...
  • Forum Post: Action Figures, Worth it?

    I as many comic book fans collect action figures of comic book characters. currenty characters i have and or am getting are John Stewart Blackest Night Series 2, Martian Manhunter, and Blue Beetle (hopefully booster gold too) of the JLI series 2, (now figures i have resurved), Kyle Rayner, and Black...
  • Forum Post: Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensons

    So I'm not sure if anyone else as heard but there seems to buzz around a new Spider-Man game coming out this year. The May edition of GamePro shows a title of Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensons, according internet sources and GamePro anyway. So I was wondering if anyone else had heard anything, or what...
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