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If you're a tabletop gamer, you're pretty used to using your imagination to create fantastic imaginary worlds were anything can happen, so our virtual landscape for all things tabletop should be a home away from home for you.

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  • Forum Post: Iron Kingdoms RPG Relaunch

    Anyone check out the new Iron Kingdoms RPG book yet? The old IKRPG was based in D&D3.5, but they recently relaunched it with a new system. I love the steampunk setting, but I was wondering if anyone had tried out the new system. If so, how well does it work. I'm always interested in a solid steampunk...
  • Forum Post: Malifaux

    I have seen this game around my local game store and love the miniatures. I also find it interesting that its based off a deck of cards rather than die rolls. Alas, I have not played it yet. Has anyone here played it or heard of it? Skemo
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