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Awesome storylines

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  • Every once in a while, you run across a campaign whose storyline is just captivating. Share some of your stories here, whether you are the DM or a PC.

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  • This is our new campaign that we are starting. Our DM wrote this

    We are all starting at level 10

    Further, a little backstory on the first adventure:

    Your group has worked together for some time, on random sidequests but also in order to help the living and good races of the world against a powermad necromancer. This enigmatic necromancer, now known only as "The Pale One", was previously, at least supposedly, a great inventor, aristocrat, and priest of Pelor. Over a short time of ten years, the world changed from what one might describe as 'generic D&D' to a world of invention and mechanics. Filled with steam, smog (from coal powered machines), and cogs and gears, the world became a better place. A steampunk setting, basically. However, after a time, the smog began to blot out the sun around nearly all major cities, a result of over production. It was only through a series of 'lightning rails' (magical trains, for those that don't remember Eberron) that food was able to reach the inhabitants of the cities from the far away country side. Eventually, someone, particularly our enigmatic "The Pale One" decided to take advantage of this. "The Pale One" supposedly has created some great eldritch machine, a mixture of ancient dread magics, mechanical genius, and steam which is able to create undead at a horrifically fast rate and control all those that it creates. You have each, at this point, had the Pale One's army, and the living's war against it, touch your lives in some way. Teagan, your character has led at least one household brigade against the undead. Peter, so has yours. Luke, your character was once part of the Pale One's army. Mitch, a town you were staying in was conquered by the army and you only barely made it out alive. The war has raged on for three years, thirteen years after the first invention of the Clockwork Era was create, and on the anniversary of the fall of a small town known as Oakcrest, your band of adventurers along with a small battalion of humans, supplemented with what remains of the Goblin tribe in the nearby Inihais forest (nearly wiped out by Oakcrest adventurers, surprisingly, and not the undead), is preparing to charge the ruins of Oakcrest Keep.

    Your job, as four established, well known, and high ranking individuals, will be to infiltrate the Keep. Acting as a specialized team, akin to that of the modern day SWAT, the actual battle will be nothing but a distraction to allow you to take out the enemy command and confirm, or deny, rumors of one of the Pale One's eldritch machine's being located in the keep. Should you find one such machine you have orders from the good King Cyre to destroy it, even though you will likely to be the first on the side of the Living to lay your eyes on such a machine.

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  • Very cool. I'm coming up with one myself in which the party accidentally releases a young white dragon on an unsuspecting world. I'll post more as I develop it.

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