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If you're a tabletop gamer, you're pretty used to using your imagination to create fantastic imaginary worlds were anything can happen, so our virtual landscape for all things tabletop should be a home away from home for you.


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  • I have seen this game around my local game store and love the miniatures.  I also find it interesting that its based off a deck of cards rather than die rolls.

    Alas, I have not played it yet.  Has anyone here played it or heard of it?



  • I haven't even heard of this game.   What do the miniatures look like?

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    Rainheart, I'll never forget you.

  • Here are the miniatures for one particular faction called the Guild.  On the left side, the other faction galleries are listed (Resurrectionists, Arcanists, etc).


  • Dang those are pretty sweet, they remind me of characters that could be in Fable.

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    Rainheart, I'll never forget you.

  • Anyone else hear about this game?  Its pretty flippin awesome, and I just invested in it yesterday.  I think its my favorite universe so far for a table top game, steampunk yet totally creepy.

  • How much did you invest?  I bought some Warhammer 40k stuff but I haven't painted them.  Do you paint your own guys?  If so how long does it take you to finish them?  I'd like to see a picture of your Malifaux guys.

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    Rainheart, I'll never forget you.

  • For the starter box, its about $30.  Some sets are 27, some are 32.  But if you order from certain sites, you can get a discount on top of that (msg me to get the site, I know one that gives about 20% off, but I don't want to possibly violate forum policy by promoting one site over another).

    So thats your starter kit and you can run it straight out of the box, so for about 20 dollars more, you can upgrade it to a full fledge army, and not really need anything more.  Right now I just bought a starter box, and I'll eventually buy a few more units, but I'm happy with the box on its own right now.

    As for painting, it takes me forever to paint a unit.  I have painted some of my Warmachine, but I've yet to touch my Malifaux.  For warmachine it can take me a few days of like 3 hour painting sessions to finish one.  Then again I'm anal about getting things as perfect as possible, and I don't have the most steady hand.  So that combo results in it taking a lot more time for painting.

    Hope this helped, and any more questions, just ask.

  • Anyone else try Malifaux yet?  It is absolutely fantastic.

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