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5th Edition

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  • SO! We have a brand new edition of D&D coming our way from the folks over at WotC, and I thought this was as good a time as any to get this group a bit more active than 1 post every couple of months.

    So far, we know that they want to really make the game availible to all kinds of gamers, opening it up to 4E lovers like myself and 3.5ers that want their billions of character options. What do YOU want to see in the upcoming edition, and what do you not want to come back?

    For me, I really want Healing Surges back. I think they fixed a lot of the problems I had with previous editions, and made for a much more enjoyable time.

    That being said, I do not want them bringing back old multiclassing. Yeah, it worked fine, but you lost all real definition with the character classes, and they all kind of blended together.



  • I would love for them to bring back the old combat system, I really did not like how they removed critical multipliers from all weapons but a few and how most one handed weapons could not be two handed, and if they could be they only added one damage. I think the magic users need to have more powerful spells as most of the time in 4e they couldn't keep up with the fighters and barbarians. Old classes like monks, barbarians, and druids need to be in the game from the start and not added in latter in expansions. As for multiclassing, I want it to be back, but for there to me much more of an incentive to stick with one class.


  • I'm not concerned about classes so much my complaint with 4e was the racial bonuses. If you wanted to play an inventive combination of class and race like a halfling wizard or a genasi sorcerer,  etc, etc, then you were punished by not getting the optimal "+2"s and didn't get to be effective in combat or skill challenges even  if your character was cool or made sense in game but not for the numbers. (I mean really, a humanoid elemental is ineffective as an elementalist sorcerer that just ***.)

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