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best D&D moments

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  • Just wondering what stories or moments people have had while playing D&D? Stupid story, cool story, random story, funny, etc. write it here.

  • ok i got a funny story. me(half orc rouge/ shadowdancer) and my 2 friends, (half orc fighter) + ( half elf druid) were going through a dungeon when we ran into a *** roper. we had to get past him so i came up with the idea of offering him my friends rhino. the roper agreed. we cut it in 2, 1 to get past and 1 to ensure getting back so he wouldnt kill us. it worked when giving the 2nd half i decided to take all of our alchiemist fire (spelling?) and acid flasks to rig the meat. we offered it to him. after 3 bites he knew. after all that (6 bottles each) he was still alive so he grabbed us all, my half orc fighter friend died and so did i. my druid friend cast last breath and i came back as an orc. THE END

  • Lol awesome story dan.

    here's mine. While in Sharn, our party had time to shop around before going on our quest. One of my friends wanted a nice magical weapon in a shop so we tried to steal it. Epic Fail. Four of us were involved in the heist. two of us destracted the gaurd and the clerk(both epic level) my friend who wanted the loot tried to steal it and I was on the sidelines in the beginning, just observing.

    So my friend fails to open the safe with all the goodies(this store owns us we are only level 4 at the time so this was too hard) fire comes out at burns him. i guess the gaurd and clerk know whats up so one swings his weapon and kills my friend(one of only 7 ellens in the world) instantly. The other friend that was distracting runs away. Its me and that *** that wants his uber overpowered weapon. Luckily the enemies trip as they run to us and we book.

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  • nice luke, i got another.

    me and my friend were starting a new campaign and we had to do some "gather information" so we go to a bar some of the town and most of the guards were there. about 40 ppl. i tried listening on a drunk guys conversation and he got pissed and tried to punch me i dodged it so he hit someone else. everyone even the guards start fighting. im in the middle of the room and my friend is over the counter trowing bottles at ppl. i tried avoiding the fight at all costs and then said *** and drop kicked a guy off the table CRITICAL. i *** killed him so im there like O *** i got to save him and my friend is still trowing ***. then this big *** came and grabbed a guard and threw him in a fire and killed him. so when it came down to about 3 pppl left we looted the place and get the hell out.

  • Can you say epic bar fight.

    If you post it, they will troll.

  • I was DM, and my group had gone into a bar. There were six people in this group, other than me, 4 guys and 2 girls. They needed to get information out of a guy at the bar and one of the girls came up with the idea to do the classic pencil drop, she dropped an item from her inventory and bent over to get it right in front of the guy the other party members were grilling. I had to give the info to them out of sheer ingenuity. That group always made the most off the wall, though unique and effective, plans.

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  • Haha sweet. Unique plans are really fun to think of. One time our party was in a narrow tunnel filled with enemies, so we flooded it with oil and torched the place. Needless to say nothing survived.

    If you post it, they will troll.

  • I was DMing a 4.0 game in which my party was doing battle with a White Dragon.

    Through some impromptu winging it, a Tiefling Ranger was in need of healing, so the Dragonborn Paladin pulled back to heal him, provoking an attack of opportunity from the dragon. This, in turn, provoked an attack of opportunity from the Dwarf fighter, as he had been issued by the combat challenge, and the fighter scored a critical hit, killing the dragon.

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  • We were in this combat with 4 pcs 1 ally and ten soldiers. Two rogues crit faile on hide checks in the same turn, and they GLOWED! Jesus rogues, suckas!

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  • One other. One of my friends is always falling on his face cuz he crit fails on init checks. It has become a running joke in the campaign. So one day he decides to actually try to fall on his face, and crit fails on THAT, and starts flying! We looked at him and thought, "he is the king of the crit fail.

    Mmm...pickle juice!

  • i once attempted a sneak attack neck break...... i failed three times in a row....quite hilarious i imagine my poor victim was quite confused

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