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Let the trash talk begin. Your team stinks and we're number one. It goes 'round and 'round forever. Here everybody agrees on at least one thing: The refs screwed their favorite team.

Divisional Playoff Game Thoughts?

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  • Not sure if I should bother posting this, since this group looks dead, but we did just have 4 playoff games over the weekend.

    My thoughts:

    1) The Jets defense was really surprisingly good to me, though their good running game was not.  I haven't had a chance to see them play much this season (being in Chicago, and all), but they were pretty solid in upsetting the Chargers (who sucked out loud).  I actually think that their game against the Colts will be a good one, and it would be amazing to see the Quitters lose to the team that they let into the playoffs by putting in their 2nd string in the 2nd half of their game against them.

    2) The Vikings looked solid against a Cowboys team that I enjoyed watching lose.  Their game against the Saints is going to be absolutely ridiculous.  It will all be about Jared Allen and the D-line actually putting some pressure on Brees if they have a chance of winning.  If it's just a shoot-out, I'm not sure that Favre has the arm to go back-and-forth with Brees all game unless A.P. has an amazing game.  Looking forward to this game next weekend.

    3) Colts and Saints looked solid.  Most of the games this weekend were rather disappointing blow-outs without any defenses showing up (outside of the Jets and Vikings to a lesser degree).

    Anyway, doubt I'll get much response to this thread, but felt like putting it out there.

  • The Jets have a very solid team and would have had a way better record if Sanchez was more careful with where he put the football. He has admitted he was to fault for a few f there loses. Also a couple were lost by field goals in the closing seconds of the game. With Sanchez playing smarter and momentum they have a very hard team to beat.

  • Yeah, the divisional week was good. In the end, the Saints will outshoot the Vikes just because I don't think Brett will have the arm, and MVP Peyton will outscore the Jets because Sanchez doesn't have the experience. Saints and Colts will be in the playoffs, with the Colts winning 28-27

  • @Yoshiman97:  Well, the Cowboys made Brees look bad with their D-line performance during the regular season, and the Vikings line put in a solid performance against Romo on Sunday.  I think it'll be a fairly close game, and since I'm not rooting for either team, I'm just looking forward to a good game.

    @Mr_Tib:  Yeah, Sanchez really just needs to be a caretaker quarterback at this point, especially with the running game he's got going on and a solid defense (that although surprisingly good to me, was good all season).  I'm definitely hoping they put the hurt on Peyton, as Reggie Wayne is going to be shut down for most of the game by Revis.  Should be a good game.

  • I know, but I still think that the Saints will beat the Vikings. It will be a shootout, and the Saints are the masters at shootouts. AP hasn't been good at running it lately, yet the Saints have 3 good runners (Bush, Thomas, and Bell) that will likely run all over the Vikes. So if Drew Brees is bad, they'll just look to their running game to bail them out

  • Favre has been waiting for the chance to go to another super bowl for thirteen years so you can be sure he will put his heart and soul into this game, even more so than usual. That's not even mentioning the drive the rest of the Vikings will have to get him back to where he belongs, to give back to the QB that put them where they are now. AP will no doubt be chomping at the bit to get back on track to quell all the naysayers. The Saints are a great team but Brees is nowhere near experienced enough to handle the pressure of a championship game, especially when the weight of the entire city of New Orleans is on his shoulders..he is the face of the team, unlike the Vikings, without Brees who would carry the Saints? Bush is great at times but by no means is he a leader in the locker room. I have a feeling all the pressure the Saints are feeling to not disappoint their fans will cause them to choke, but it will still be regarded as one of the best seasons the Saints ever had.

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  • The 2010 divisional playoffs were pretty good!

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