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Let the trash talk begin. Your team stinks and we're number one. It goes 'round and 'round forever. Here everybody agrees on at least one thing: The refs screwed their favorite team.

Tell me Why

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  • Why is your favorite team the greatest(please only NFL/College Football)

    What key playmakers do yall have that will make yall when a superbowl

    Me personally, the Ravens will go on to win because of three main people

    1.Ray Lewis-The dude has no second in his position, arguably the greatest playeer in the NFL, how many tackles do you see him miss oh wait none?

    2. Ray Rice- this guys a future mvp, comes in second in all NFL to have the most yards from the LoS(line if scrimage), he's a massive playmaker & hard to bring down,amazing bburst away speed

    3. Ed Reed- he's all over the place, he'll make a QB second guess if they really wanna throw by him, great hands & great vertical


    As for NCAA, the longhorns are my favorite team.

    They have so many playmakers on all sides of the ball, bbut really the two you need to know are

    1. Colt McCoy- the guys a freak of nature, most FBS wins in NCAA history, averages 70% completion rate( if not higher),yes yall might say he suck because of his game against Nebraska & that Mark Ingrams better. but I ask yall to remember that Bama almost lost against Tennesse & only won because of a blocked field goal, & also Mark Ingram only had 33 yards on 16 carries against Auburn, & they almost lost that game to

    2. Earl Thomas- You can't throw or get past this guy  hes only a sophmore, just wait until his senior season I have strong faith that thisguy will be a major heisman candidate

  • I don't have a favorite NCAA team, but I liked Florida...before they got thrashed by the Crimson Tide.

    I do love the Packers, and they are one of the best teams in NFL history. They won the first two Super Bowls, and they won the Super Bowl in '97. And I strongly believe that they will make the Super Bowl for 3 reasons.

    1. Clay Matthews Jr.- This guy is literally a sacking machine. He holds the record for the most sacks in Green Bay history, and he's only a rookie! He is the leading candidate for Defensive Rookie of the Year, has 60 total tackles, both assisted and solo, and his, overall, going to be one of the main factors in the future of Packers defense.

    2. Charles Woodson- Also one of the standout players on the Packers defense. He is one of the most feared players in the NFL for his press coverage and also has 8 interceptions, two of which has been in the end zone. With four forced fumbles and averaging two sacks this whole season, this guy is a feared cornerback.

    3. Aaron Rodgers- Yes, the guy who replaced Brett Fart. The guy who probably will be overshadowed by him for years to come. Right now, however, this guy is living up to the hype of replacing a legendary quarterback (and a traitor, I'm just saying). He improved his game from last season, improving from a 6-10 record to already a better season, sitting at 9-5. He lead his team to a hotly contested playoff race, sitting at the top seat in the Wild Card. He has two 4000 yard seasons in his young career, and he will only get more as they face the pitiful Seahawks. Say whatever you want about him, but this guy is a beast.

    Overall, the Packers are one of the best in the NFL. When all is said and done, they will make it into the Super Bowl by beating the Minnesota Vikings in the NFC Championship game, leading to the Super Bowl.

  • finally an interesting topic in the threads here, my team is the Giants. Been a fan since way back in the LT days with Phil Simms. The reason why my team is the best is the on BS attitude that they take, when the chips are stacked against them trhey seem to prevail. As of right now the chips are down again, but do not count them out yet, our hopes are still alive.

    Playmakers that will make or break us :

    1. Steve Smith - one of the most underated wide receivers in the game, and currently tops in receptions in the NFC. Most people confude his name with the one from Carolina, and someday it will visa versa. This guy can do it all, catch, run, and is able to adapt on the fly. These skills are neccessary for any number one, and he's just getting started.

    2. Eli Manning - Love him or hate him, Eli is growing up to be one of the premiers quarter backs in the league. He no longer is making those stupoid bone head plays where I was like WTF during his first few years. He has an outsanding O-line that if kept together is the best in the league. With that if he continues the way he is one year he will have the numbers to be in the mention for MVP.

    3. Domenick Hixon - This guy is the next Plax, and once he starts growing and getting a better feel for when to break and cut and read defenses you better watch out. Smooth hands, good size and outsnading leaping ability, he may just well surpass his label as the next plax and move on and make his own name.

    As far as weakness is concerned I have been worried for a long time about our secondary on defense, any good passing team with a good o-line will run all over us. If we can mix it up on defense and start getting to the QB better we have a shot against anyone, but if the defense can't get to the QB than the game is a lost cause.

    We will make the play offs, and who knows maybe another miracle year will transpire as trhe Giants take on the undefeated Colts, brother vs. brother with the G-Men pulling another miracle from the closet and beat another undefeated team in the SuperBowl.

    When will the developers of games let us actually gamers come up with a creative game idea? The world may never know....

  • Saints & LSU

  • well thought this was gonna be a good thread but alas it is not this group just lacks

    When will the developers of games let us actually gamers come up with a creative game idea? The world may never know....

  • The Cleveland Browns! Colt Mccoy is a great young quarterback who will eventually lead this team to greatness!

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