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You like Godspeed You Black Emperor, but we prefer Mozart. It doesn't matter because here we all dance to the same tune. Let's all hang out and we can make beautiful music together.

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  • Forum Post: Re: My Conflict with Radio

    Kyate: I can't even listen to Classic rock...its just a mix of the same 9 bands. I just find it disappointing that I can't even enjoy driving in my car and listening to the radio. The songs that I do tend to enjoy are getting staler with nothing new being brought to my playlist. I've been...
  • Forum Post: My Conflict with Radio

    I would like to think I am somewhat savvy when it comes to music, particularly genres of Rock and Blues. I enjoy music and incorperate songs into my everyday life. I find there is a proper song for any moment, and chances are that I can create a proper soundtrack for your life. I am sure that many people...
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