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You like Godspeed You Black Emperor, but we prefer Mozart. It doesn't matter because here we all dance to the same tune. Let's all hang out and we can make beautiful music together.

Some Good Tunes

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  • just joined this group figured I'd share some tunes I enjoy

    So here we go......

    25) Like a Stone by Audioslave

    I've been listening to this song since the sixth grade, so It's had a lot of time to nestle nice and tight in my brain. This songs got everything, Cornell's beautiful voice coupled with the awesomeness of Tom Morello....What more could you want?

    24) House of the Rising Sun by The Animals

    This is one of those songs I can thank my father for introducing it to me. Very catchy riffs, and I really enjoy the vocals. Just a good tune.

    23) Noiva Cadaver by AFI

    I'm a big fan of AFI as it is, but this is one of my favorites from them. To me this song is a blend of everything that I enjoy about their music. Great instruments and Davy just crushes the vocals.

    22) The End by Bullet for My Valentine

    My favorite Bullet song. Ironically this song is actually the last song on the album so the title really works for it. It's a slower song from them, but it's not afraid to bring the "heavy"......and it does.  

    21) Don't Stop Me Now by Queen

    yep that's right....not Bohemian Rhapsody. As awesome as that song is in my opinion it's a tad overplayed. This is just a song about having a good time. It's complete with the "fast pace" that comes with partying. A song that gets me amped up and ready to go. Also the scene in Shaun of the Dead involving this song was pretty gold too.

    20) Cemetery Gates by Pantera

    AMAZING!!!!! That is all I have to say about this song.

    19) Needle in the Hay by Elliot Smith

    A purely acoustic song, I'm pretty sure it's a tale of somebody struggling with a drug addiction. Elliot pulls of an amazing track in my opinion, I really recommend a listen.

    18) Save Me by Unwritten Law

    Yet another one of those songs I grew up listening to, I actually fell in love with it the very first time I heard it. I really enjoy the drums in particular for this song. It also contains one of my favorite lyrics of all time. 

    17) That's All She Wrote by T.I. and Eminem

    I don't like a whole lot of rap music, but this one is a hit in my mind. The track is waaaaay too catchy and both T.I. and Eminem bring some solid rhymes to the table. I enjoy listening every time.

    16) Me and Julio Down by the School Yard by Paul Simon

    I love this song simply because It doesn't matter what sort of mood I'm in, when I listen to this song it always puts a smile on my face. Just a feel good tune.

    15) Down With the Sickness by Richard Cheese

    The Disturbed version is amazing, but this version just defies the laws of what music is supposed to be. You may know this song if you've seen the remake of Dawn of the Dead. If you've never heard it......If anything it could be worth a small laugh, or maybe you'll love it like me.

    14) F.C.P.R.E.M.I.X. by The Fall of Troy

    I can honestly say thank you to Guitar Hero 3 for introducing this song to me. I had never heard of it until the first time I tried to play (failed) it. This song is just ballistic.....everything about it.

    13) Build Me Up Buttercup by The Foundations

    This song is definitely old school but I love it the same. This is another one of those tunes that just puts me in a good mood, even though the subject matter of the song is kind of depressing if you think about it.

    12) Wave of Mutilation (Uk Surf) by The Pixies

    This is a slower version of the original song, but in my opinion it is the better version. It is a totally mellow tune good for listening to when you just want to relax.

    11) Band on the Run by Wings

    This song rocks! I enjoy the transitions the song makes as it moves along, plus you got Paul Mccartney on vocals. I would also say this song being in Guitar Hero definitely helped cement my love for it.

    10) California Dreaming by The Mamas and Papas

    Thanking my dad again for this one. This is the only song I know that has a flute solo....and it rocks. A great "older" tune that I highly recommend.

    9) Wiid by MC Chris

    Yes that's spelled right. Who is MC Chris? you may be asking yourself. Maybe you know him as MC Pee Pants from Aqua Teen Hunger Force. He is absolutely one of my favorite rappers. This is my favorite song from him and no it has nothing to do with the subject matter, I really like his flow in this track.

    8) Sitting on the Dock of the Bay by Otis Redding

    Thanks again dad! This is just a song I like to listen to when I want to relax, I mean that's what the songs about anyways. 

    7) What I'm Looking For by Brendan Benson

    This is a song about life. It's catchy and I just love it.

    6) Hey by The Red Hot Chili Peppers

    My favorite song from my favorite band (that was hard to write) This song is just amazing to me I love everything about it. If you don't listen to anything else on this list....listen to this song please.

    5) Hurt by Johnny Cash 

    I am not a fan of Nine Inch Nails but they originally do this song. Cash's version is totally opposite in every aspect, and it is just an amazing song. Granted it's sort of slow and sad, but I couldn't be more happy with one of the last songs Cash preformed.

    4) Sitting, Waiting, Wishing by Jack Johnson

    This is another one of those songs I fell in love with the first time I heard it, also the video was pretty awesome. Just another feel good tune for me.

    3) Eulogy by Tool

    I won't go into detail about this song, just the sheer fact that it's Tool makes it awesome. It is very possibly my favorite song from them.

    2) In My Life by The Beatles

    Couldn't have a list like this with out including the awesomeness of the Beatles. This is one of their slower songs and definitely one of my favorites. It's another song about life and how things change.

    1) Mammal Sauce by Crotch Duster

    THIS SONG HAS LOTS OF BAD LANGUAGE!!!!! I saved the "best" for last. This song....or should I call it an epic, is just that....it's epic. This song is like a mix match of several different genres of music. It seemlessly changes tune over and over again. I'm still trying to figure out exactly what  mammal sauce is, but it has an awesome theme song.

    Beer is the answer, but I can't remember the question.



  • A song I've been digging alot lately is The song of Yesterday By Black Country Communion. This band is an absolute power house with Glen Hughes (Deep Purple), Joe Bonamassa, Jason Bonham(Son of Zepplin Drummer John Bonham), and Derek Sherinian. Produced by Kevin Shirley

  • Feather by Nujabes

    I've listened to this song about a hundred times in the last few weeks, and it never gets old. Some of the best hip-hop I've ever heard.

  • David Python:

    A song I've been digging alot lately is The song of Yesterday By Black Country Communion. This band is an absolute power house with Glen Hughes (Deep Purple), Joe Bonamassa, Jason Bonham(Son of Zepplin Drummer John Bonham), and Derek Sherinian. Produced by Kevin Shirley

    I absolutely love that song and have been listening to it a lot lately, a long with a lot of Joe Bonamassa's music. If any one hasnt heard of him, or his music I highly recommend checking it out, the guy is amazing. I would have to say for him being 35 years old he is already a great guitarist along the lines of greats like Clapton and Hendrix. 





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