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You like Godspeed You Black Emperor, but we prefer Mozart. It doesn't matter because here we all dance to the same tune. Let's all hang out and we can make beautiful music together.

Complaints about modern music.

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  • Let's be honest, most of the best music is music that has already been made, but that's also what people thought before The Beatles or Led Zeppelin or Mozart or any great musician came out. All fairness, aside, if you ever feel like complaining about modern music, here's a place to do it. But there are a couple of ground rules.

    1. No one has the authority to say what does or does not constitute music, or art for that matter. So no saying that one style of music isn't art, you might just not like it.

    2. Don't make fun of people on here for their posts, this is supposed to be a place to speak freely not argue, everyone's points are valid and unless you have a Ph.D in music theory, your views probably aren't superior to anyone else's.

  •   Only some rock bands, most metal bands, a few rappers and one or two pop stars write their own music and/or lyrics anymore. It used to be that everyone had to write their own stuff even if it wasn't any good. The Monkeys become social pariah's when people found out they didn't write their own music, but record producers today brag about having entire teams of writers working together to come up with one song that isn't even that good. On top of that, many DJ's, house musicians and beat makers just make their music by mixing up stuff that other people actually wrote and made.

      This bothers me because if someone isn't coming up with their own stuff, then they can't be feeling their material seriously and if their feelings aren't authentic, how is their music supposed to make me feel anything? I'd rather listen to a band made up of guys that can barely play their instruments, can't sing and have high school level lyrics as long as they are genuinely expressing their feelings or beliefs because then I can get into their music, just like Death, you can't honestly say they were technically skilled in any way but "Suicide Machine" is one of my all time favorite songs.

  • Making this short, it all sounds the same; has no "real" substance. Anyone else agree?

    I'm a gamer; a lover of music!

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