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Django: Comedic Slave Film?

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  • Just saw Django Unchained.  Interesting way to look at slavery and what it meant to be a slave during the Civil War era.  Quentin Tarantino did a great job with the script, acting, and voice diction/vocabulary usage. Some people may find it offensive due to the use of the word ***.  It was something that was a word to be used during that time.  Overall, the movie is about 3 hours long. Tarantino decided to take an interesting viewpoint in that James Foxx' character, Django is a freed slave turned bounty hunter who rescues his wife from a slave owner.  Go see the movie to understand the underlying plot; what happens to the characters in this unconventional period piece. 

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  • Great great movie, probably one of the best films I have seen in a long time.


  • the film, like most exploitation films is not historically accurate on a number of counts, but the film doesn't really try to make any kind of bold statement and just depicts a revenge fantasy in a time and place where people maybe weren't very nice to a certain group of people, the film isn't about race. It's a form of entertainment that pokes fun at bad things happening to bad people and pulls no punches on some of the things those bad people do. It's not Tarantino's best but it kept me smiling and entertained throughout which is more than 'Basterds' did for me (also a great movie but I liked Django more)

    I think we just live in a time where some people take things too seriously, and in all honesty, a film depicting justice in a place where there was historically none is what the movies are all about and it's a hell of a lot better than the jjolly slaves in Disney's song of the south who were depicted as being happy and carefree something that obviously was not the case

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  • I concur with your statement.  It had some historical inaccuracies; it stayed true to what slavery was.  I disagree that the film wasn't about race; I will say that it wasn't a MAIN issue within the film' overlying arc.    I think that Tarantino did a great job doing a period piece with a unique take on things.  

    I definitely agree with the last part of your commentary 120%.

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