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Have you ever seen that one movie with that dude in it? Chances are someone here has, and they want to talk to you about it. Grab some popcorn and discuss all things relating to the silver screen.


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  • Can someone explain to me why when i go into best buy, and the blu ray movies they have previewing on their HDTVs look completely different from when i watch blu ray on my hdtv...some of the scenes they show are so detailed that the movie looks fake, like it wasn't filmed the way its showing. Maybe I'm sounding crazy, or has anyone else ever notice that???

  • That is more than likely because they have turned the DNR and BNR all the way up. DNR is digital noise reduction and should ONLY be used on DVD's to reduce pixalization. I noticed this too before I got my Blu ray and LCD HDTV. You should always have the DNR turned off on you equipment since most of the newer receivers, tv's and players can translate the image exactly as it is encoded. I guess Best Buy and other places think it's more impressive if the image is smoothed out like one of the claymation Christmas specials than an actually filmed movie.

  • Thanks for the info. Some of the images look really amazing they way they display them, but most look completely unrealistic. I'm going to test out the DNR function on my PS3 and see if theres any difference when i play my blu ray discs.

  • Is that something that can be changed on a PS3?

  • it’s because the TVs are set to retail mode in the store which makes the pic as good as it can possibly be, when you buy a TV its automatically set to home viewing mode because it costs a lot less to run. You can switch it if you would like but it’s probably the difference of $20 a month or more.

  • AS Deckard1138 said, they probably turned the DNR and BNR to the maximum level.

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