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Have you ever seen that one movie with that dude in it? Chances are someone here has, and they want to talk to you about it. Grab some popcorn and discuss all things relating to the silver screen.

Juanolo's Oscar talk

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  •  Hello and thank you for joining this chat. As you know I'm Juanolo and I love movies so when the Oscars are on you can imagine what I'm doing. Are the Oscars the greatest thing on television? No, but I always watch them because it's a celebration for all of the greatest films that came out this year. This year is my opinion has been the best best movie year and best culture year for all stuff we watch and play for the past 25 years. After watching last night that was one of the worst Oscars I've ever watched.


  • First off, I'd like to credit Ellen Degenreas who wasn't that bad as a host. Maybe stretched a few things to many times but overall she was a ok host. Now to the awards themselves. Some were ok. Others not so much. My main problem was the amount of Oscars Gravity got. I want to first say I've seen Gravity twice and it's an outstanding experience that I recommend to everyone. Should it have Oscars? Yes. But 7? No. In my opinion, the highest it should have 3-4. Best sound mixing and sound editing should have gone to Captain Phillips or Lone Survivor. That's just my opinion. Then you give best film editing to Gravity? Film editing should always go to the film that gets Best Picture. I'm ok with Alfonso getting best director because he deserved it but its close for me between him and Steve McQueen. Second, I did not like how they just gave it to 12 years a Slave. The best way to describe it is the 45th Oscars where The Godfather won best picture over Caberet. Both 12 years a slave and godfather both received 3 Oscars while Gravity had 7 Oscars compared to Caberet's 8 wins. You just don't give a film best picture like they did last night. Either give it to gravity or give 12 Years a Slave more awards and I think it should've been the latter of the two choices. 12 Years a Slave was a better film then Gravity.

  • I actually thought it was way better than usual. Most hosts are pretty boring. I think Gravity deserved them since they focused mainly on technical awards. That of course is a different beast with clearly defined criteria rather than something more abstract like Best Picture. I honestly would've liked Her to win, but with all the Oscar buzz - since it's also partly a popularity contest - I figured 12 Years a Slave would win. It was a great movie though. I'm sad that American Hustle was shut out.

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  • Then you got best actor winner Matthew McConaughey which I'm torn. Matt gave a performance of the ages and I'm happy how his career has taken a turn for the good.  At the same time I think Chiwetel Ejiofor should've won. He gave an emotional performance which for me was on par with Matt. Regardless, I'm happy for Matt, and sad for Chiwetel. Now I know we are going to get the "Leo was robbed talk" and I don't think so. He might've gotten the Oscars this year if Ejiofor or Matt didn't perform but the years before no. Are you telling me he was better then Tommy Lee Jones in The fugitive? Better than Jamie fox in Ray? Forest Whittaker in The Last king of Scotland? A heck no. I hope he gets ine some day but saying he's being robbed is horseradish. Yes horseradish.

  • Finally I'd like to talk about the movies that got snubbed. I knew Nebraska had a small chance of winning anything but I wished it got something. Captain Phillips should've gotten best sound mixing and editing but instead came home with nothin. Than you got the crowd favorite American Hustle. I mean it was no best picture, but it deserved something. That's enough of my rant. What did you all think?

  • Not way better but a bug improvement. Best hosted Oscars since Hugh Jackman in 2008. True Gravity was a technical masterpiece, but still was given alittle but to much. Her was good. I'll need to receive it. I know American Hustle needed something. Maybe not Best Picture, but it need a few.

  • I thought the Oscars was pretty bad, but not because of the awards. The production was awful. Terrible stage design, random video segments, horrible camera work, and I wasn't impressed with Ellen. I'm a fan, but she was off her game, from a couple early mean-spirited jokes to uninspired humor throughout and over reliance on gimmicks. As far as the awards, little surprised me and most were worthy, I thought, including Gravity's plethora of technical ones; it truly had some impressive tech behind it. I'd only also seen Capt. Phillips, Blue Jasmine and Dallas Buyer's Club, but  the actor awards were deserved, though wife and I hated BJ. That said, I agree with you about sound mixing (sound editing was a toss up); CP was excellent in that regard. Also though haven't seen 12 Years, Ejiofor is one of my fave actors whether Serenity, Salt or others I can't recall off hand, so I have no doubt he was likewise deserving. Don't get me started about Leo; good actor but too smug (I'm biased too as had a personal run-in of sorts). That said, all in all I thought the show turned out OK; not great but not awful either. Just my opinion. Always happy to discuss films!

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