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Watchmen vs. Kick-Ass

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  • I saw Kick-Ass and really enjoyed it but i haven't seen Watchmen yet.So just wondering which one is better.      also, i read both comics and loved each of them.

  • You can't really compare the two in my opinion. Yes, they are both comic book/graphic novel adaptations, but their subject matters can not be more different from each other.

  • They both are really different movies in terms of tone.  Watchmen is dark and gloomy, but Kick-Ass is light hearted yet disturbing.  I think Kick-Ass is better though considering it portrays the source material better.

  • T- DUBBS, you need to shut the **** up (sorry, not meant so much as an insult as much a friendly F you, I do it to my friends all the time)! Watchmen hands down is a better film, I get the tone differences and all, but in the long run Watchmen's story is more meaningful than the bizarre, um... spoof? I guess, I mean that seemed like what they were going for. Oh, but then maybe you were just joking about the Kick-ass film being closer to the source material, is that it? Having read and seen both comics and their films I can honestly say that Watchmen's adaptation is closer to its comic book counterpart, as for the most part it takes things out of the source rather than add things (which Kick-ass definitely did, if you think I'm joking, need I remind you of a certain Jet-pack?). It's no biggie, just throwing my two cents out there

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  • Can't really compare the two..not much in common aside from the fact they are both based on comics. Story is completely different, but both are good to watch. I don't care about movies based on comics being faithful to the story nowadays. As long as it works and the movie turns out good is all that matters. Some great comic books just don't make great movies and need to be changed story wise for it to work.

  • Watchmen!

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