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Have you ever seen that one movie with that dude in it? Chances are someone here has, and they want to talk to you about it. Grab some popcorn and discuss all things relating to the silver screen.


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  • Just watched this movie about 3 days ago, was actually a very good film adaptation of the comic. There were some obvious flaws in the movie (acting, mostly) but I thought this was actually a good movie, even though some critics bombed on this movie. Your thoughts?

  • Havent watched yet but looks good

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  • I agree.  It was a very good flick and it stayed basically true to the book up until the end.  I'm not sure why critics panned it myself.

  • I find that when someone absolutely loves something like a comic and it's not adapted THEIR way, all is wrong with the world.  Like they could do a better job?

    As for the critics, I don't even think most of them took the time out to read the graphic novel to understand the movie.  

    I adored the portrayal of Rorschach on screen.  Haley did a fantastic job and I don't think they could have picked a better person for the role.

  • As a fan of the novel, the only issue I had was the change in the ending. It just didn't seem necessary to me and made the rest of the movie feel disjointed. I think all the actors did amazing jobs portraying their individual characters.

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  • The ending should of had the giant squid at the end, making everyone unite against Dr. Manhattan was just confusing. I thought Ozymandias should've been more egotistical like he was in the comic (remember when he screamed out "I did It!"), but for the most part I thought it stayed very true to the graphic novel

  • I agree. It was a great movie in its own media.

    If you bred HK-47, Shale, Chai Ka and Wrex, the gaming world would explode from sheer badassery.

  • I loved Watchmen, comic and movie.  It's easy for people to knock it, but it was alot better than it could've been.  Also, more Malin Ackerman is never a bad thing ;D

  • I never read the graphic novel, just parts of it a while back. One of my friends filled me in on the details before I saw it. I thought it was pretty good. I don't know why a bunch of people complained about it, wasn't worse than any of the X-Men movies. Only reason those movies were watchable was to see those characters in a live-action movie.

  • I have never read the graphic novel, but I do know a lot about it. The film was very flawed with its pacing, its actors, and some of the action (which felt kind of super human in the film than how the graphic novel portrayed it); otherwise, I think the film was pretty entertaining and its definitely respectable for what it accomplishes. Just name another super hero film where one hero is trying to rape another hero, I dare ya!

  • This was an excellent adaptation I didn't feel the characters were a little more superheroish in terms of power than they were in the book...I didn't like the ending change but as my friend liz pointed out things have changed since the 80's also the new symbolism as how people united against God was quite interesting as that is pretty much what Dr. Manhattan is...but yeah it was good...

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  • I only ever got the basic idea of the series, I've read the first several issues but couldn't get past the near text book amount of complexities, I loved the movie though, and appreciated it for its subtlety, getting to the good stuff without too much dialogue (there was still a lot of talking but it moved along smoother than the comic and I felt worked better with certain emotional scenes, Nite Owl falling to his knees shouting  as his best friend is killed in front of him, in the comic he just kinda shrugged it off)  

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  • Actually, critics didn't really bomb it. It got pretty good reviews...not great but some good ones. I saw it in theaters when it came out and I read the graphic novel before. I thought it was okay. Not one of those movies I'd buy on blu-ray and watch over and over again.

  • I dunno, i wasn't really feeling the movie. It was sooo dragged out. I never read the comics so maybe I just couldn't follow this movie. Do you need to read the comics to understand whats going on?


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