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Have you ever seen that one movie with that dude in it? Chances are someone here has, and they want to talk to you about it. Grab some popcorn and discuss all things relating to the silver screen.


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  • i saw the movie the week after its opening weekend and i thought it was pretty good. the reviews that i heard from critics were mixed. the ones that liked it liked it and the ones that didn't blamed it on the fact that they weren't familiar with the original graphic novel. but from what i've heard, from my friends that have read it, it was a pretty good, almost spot-on adaptation of it.

    the only thing i really didn't like about it was all of the nudity, but that's mainly because i'm an immature 17 year old girl and when you watch the watchmen sitting next to your dad, certain scenes can get a little awkward. especially since my throat decided that it wanted to give me a coughing fit in the middle of the love scene with night owl and the silk specter.

    of course i thought that rorschach was the most gangsta character in the whole movie which probably has something to do with my brother yelling, "that was so GANGSTA!" in the theater after he threw french fry grease in that guy's face. the movie was a little on the long side, but i think that because it was so good i didn't even realize that it like 2 or 3 hours long.

  • the scene in which rorschach burns the inmate with grease was a scene my dad remembered from the comic and he made no secret that he was looking forward to it in the movie, I agreed it was an awesome, or GANGSTA scene but told him not to keep his hopes up as it was a small detail in the comic and might get cut, the fact the scene was in the film sort of shows how much love went into the film, this movie was made for fans of the series (and my dad). Critics who disliked it because they've never heard of the series are morons, people who read the MINISERIES had never heard of them either, I do however agree with critic Ben Mankiwicz statement that the movie going public might not have room for another group of superheroes. The way I see it is: it's their loss  

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  • Everyone who watched the movie knows that Rorschach was a badass, Jack Earl Harley did a great job with him, and now he's portraying Freddy Krueger in the Friday the 13th movie (which I don't have high hopes for). But the reason it was about 3 hours was because it was originally a 12-comic series that had A LOT of depth in them. It had the Tales of the Black Freighter and the Bernie-Bernard conversations, both of which were not included into the film; a smart decision by the filmmakers. It had a lot of depth, and if the film included every little detail from the comic, it might've been a 5 hour movie.

  • more like 7 hours, and I felt removing alot of the complexities enriched the story in the end, sort of how mass effect 2 took out alot of it's complexities and replaced them with some awesome refinements, we still get the overall message of the comic and it's still a great story which is given more emotional depth in place of the intellectual depth of the series, I'd take basic human emotion over logic anyday

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  • i love the movie haven't read the comics though

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  • I wonder why critics didn't like it?

  • if you never read the book then this movie can stand on its own and i think thats what they were aiming for. my only beef was the "child killer" scene was changed.....it was so amazing in the book.....good flick. i mean the voice of solid snake wrote the screenplay how could it not be good?

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