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The Book of Eli

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    The Book of Eli takes place in a post-apocalyptic, western United States, roughly 30 years after an event the movie refers to as "The Flash".  This flash was a result of a war, purportedly started over religion, ultimately ending the world as we know it.  Eli, played by Denzel Washington, must carry the last remaining Bible on Earth to a place that he does not know, but claims that his faith will guide him to the right place.  As one would imagine, this post-apocalyptic Earth is a pretty bad place, with bands of gangs that obviously watched Mad Max a few too many times running rampant, raising hell trying to find the last remaining Bible.  Their boss, played by Gary Oldman, is in charge of these gangs, and is incredibly intent on getting his hands on the Bible, and will sacrifice anything and everything to get it.

    The story plays out very well, and progresses at a decent pace.  Though the story leaves out a few key details, I think this mystery helps move the story along, since most of the world and its inhabitants are utterly unaware of the world before the war.  The movie very well depicts the struggles of life in a world like this, and as such has some very well done action sequences through out the entire movie.  The story and its twist are slightly predictable if you pay very close attention to the whole movie, however they are vague at best, and the story still holds very well.

    The Book of Eli breaks the typical mold of the overly Liberal movies that Hollywood has recently put out, as its primary message is faith, religion, and their ability to save humanity.  However, this is by no means a Christian movie, and the message it sends is one that anyone can reason with.

    I strongly recommend this movie to anyone and everyone, as it has easily topped any movie experience 2009 had to offer.  It's a good start for 2010, except for Daybreakers, that movie was bad, and it looks to only get better.

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  • I thought the Book of Eli was great also.  I really wasnt expecting the twist at the end (I'm not going to spoil it) and Gary OLdman and Denzel Washington were great in it.  Why no love for Daybreakers though?  That movie was awesome!  And at least it's not Twilight!

  • lol T-Dubbs, that's about all Daybreakers had going for it, it wasn't Twilight.  Daybreakers was really slow and never really climaxed, it was like bad sex, without the sex.

    When I die, I want to go peacefully like my Grandfather did, in his sleep -- not screaming, like the passengers in his car.

  • heard it was good want to see it and glad that daybreakers is not twilight clones

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  • The Book of Eli was excellent. The twist is somewhat predictable, but the story and the cast make it a worthwhile experience. It does have some religious overtones, but as a whole I think it was supposed to show how religion could be used as a weapon.

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  • I loved The Book of Eli. One of my favorite movies.

  • love that movie. the music behind it awesome and the story was incredible

  • What "Jay the Gamer" said. :]

  • I'll have to watch again because I was a bit bored when I saw it.

  • I absolutely loved it. It's one of my favorite movies.

  • Agreed. And you are so right. It's not a christian movie. But despite that, from my christian viewpoint it was very touching.

  • I liked the Book of Eli, but I felt that it got a bit preachy at times and that really kept me from getting invested in certain parts of the film, especially at the end. It felt like the director was trying to beat the film's message into my head with a rubber chicken. Otherwise, a great film to watch.

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