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Spider Man 4 Scrapt

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  • So Sony has cut Spider Man 4. They plan a total reboot of the franchise for 2012. New director and cast on the herizon as Sam Rami and Tobey Mcquire (SP?) say goodbye to the web head.

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  • It's a bit tough for me to form an opinion at this point,  it would be nice to see a new vision of Spidey since the movie series has gotten stale, but if someone like McG gets to direct I'm avoiding this movie like it's the plague.

  • They just need to stop all together. After the piece of crap that was Spiderman 3. I mean, when did Eddie Brock become a wimpy, short nerd. He was big as a train in the comics. Venom wasn't imposing at all in the movie and it made me sad. Also, there wasn't even one Eating Brain comment.

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  • I think it's time for new hero movies to be made besides Spidey.  

  • I'm glad. The Spider Man movies were pretty crappy anyway. The first one is the only one I can watch without getting nauseous.

  • have to say i enjoyed spidey 3, but then i also liked xmen 3 lol. so i'm saddened raimi and cast are out. that said, i grew up on the original comics (yup, i'm that old) so not that familiar with venom or brock or how they should be portrayed.

  • Kyate:

    I'm glad. The Spider Man movies were pretty crappy anyway. The first one is the only one I can watch without getting nauseous.

    The first one was the best, the second, still good, the third one, well, that one was ****. I'm pretty disappointed they're not doing another one, but I'll be good with Iron man 2

  • Well I think spider man 3 would have been better if we just had the sand man as the bad guy. Most of the movie should have been peter dealing with the black suit and at the end have the suit fall on eddie brock (who shouldnt be T.G.) and have a cliff hanger that would lead #4 just having Venom. SM3 was just way to much overkill with harry and both villians. But to relaunch the series in 2012? I mean it isnt really that old...at least not for relaunch. I think that they just needed to strat fresh. Even Sam said that sony wanted to put the movies out back to back so fast that after doing #3 he knew he didnt put his heart into it, because he was just so "burnt out" on it. I think they just needed a solid script and a break. #4 could have been good.

  • good points, austin. but it's not unlike the studios rebooting fantastic four or hulk. those haven't been around long either. and in the case of hulk, leterrier's version was much, much better than lee's, imo. frankly, i liked spidey 2 best, but even if you liked 1 best, hard to picture someone doing it better. but here's hoping.

  • Just make it and we will spend money

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  • I was totally stoked for spider man #1. I always like the comics and cartoons when I was a kid, so to see him live action on the big screen was a treat. But like I said before the third was a let down for fans and I would like to think for Sam Rami as well. In an interview from spider man 1 he talks about loveing the comics as a kid and being excited about the movie. But from 3 he was like "Lets just get it done." But for anyone of you to say that it sucked ballz just remember we ALL paid to go see it. And if the 4th one was still on, we would complain about it and say "Oh man probably going to be bad if not worse then the third one"........but we would still see it.

  • It's a shame that Sam Raimi won't be able to return Spidey to Spider-Man 2 greatness, but I don't hate this reboot news. Raimi left for a good reason (studio was probably messing with him again like on Spidey 3) and Marc Webb, or whoever it ends up being, could revitalize the franchise. Like many are saying, Joseph Gordon Levit as the new Peter Parker would be awesome. I am hoping for the best.  

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  • Spider-Man 1 and 2 were good for me..3 pissed me off. It felt like they tried to stuff too much into 1 movie and then was forced to have an ending. X-men movies for me all kind of blew ass chunks except for the 1st one. Only reason it was watchable was to see wolverine in live action movies and Hugh Jackman does a great job. It's too bad X-Men Origins: Wolverine was fail since it was another movie that could've been better if it was rated R. I hope with all the comic movies coming out soon that they are more focused on telling a watchable story with great action than worrying about trying to make it a PG-13 flick for more people to watch it.

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