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Have you ever seen that one movie with that dude in it? Chances are someone here has, and they want to talk to you about it. Grab some popcorn and discuss all things relating to the silver screen.


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  • i haven't seen this movie yet..was just wondering if it was any good.

    By good i mean compared to movies like it that are about the world is ending type of movie.

    Not "oh this is so unbelieveable or oh this isn't gonna win any thing it sucks".

    Just curious.

  • Haven't seen it yet, but it looks epic. Can't wait to see it :D

  • I have seen it.  2012 is actually a pretty good disaster movie.  You have to watch it in the theater to get the whole experience.  You may or may not like the story, but the destruction of the world is epic in scale and fun to watch.  I wish we had an I-Max theater here, that would be awesome.  

  • Nah I don't watch those movies for the story, more for the epicness of stuff being destroyed. I still haven't seen it, but ill eventually watch it...i mean come on..John Cusack is in it.

  • There really isn't much story too it actually so you are in luck. The destruction sequences are great, and the characters are memorable, but the movie was very long. But still better than Transformers 2.


  • Ya i finally saw it. I enjoyed it as much as i thought I would. It dragged on a little bit, but I didn't mind it. I don't know about it being better than Transformers 2 special effects wise, but it's a different type of movie to be compared too. Also i grew up watching Transformers when I was a kid so I just might be bias lol.

  • I actually am kind of the same way, Kensei.  I didn't go into this movie or Transformers looking for an epic story.  In Transformers 2 I wanted to see robots kick the crap out of each other, and kick the crap out of each other they did.  I'm also jaded and love non-PC humor, so I thought the twins were great.

    As for 2012, it wasn't too bad, actually.  I can't say a lot of good or bad things about it, since everything as far as the story and acting was mediocre.  However, it is certainly the first movie to show an Aircraft carrier slamming into the Capitol Building, and the only 2012 movie that I know of.  It's worth it.

    When I die, I want to go peacefully like my Grandfather did, in his sleep -- not screaming, like the passengers in his car.

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