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Confused about continuity? Want to start your own Marvel vs. DC superhero war? Head on in to pick apart storylines, books, artists, authors, and much more. The superhero registration line starts here.

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  • Forum Post: Re: Review Previews

    IDW, My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic #1 Title: For the (Bronie) Horde! Opening Remarks : I had no freakin’ idea how this would turn out as I’ve never, and I mean never , watched a single episode of My Little Pony, but when I saw this series on the update list some months back, I decided...
  • Forum Post: Re: Review Previews

    IDW, Borderlands: Origins #2 Title: Now we're cookin'! Opening Remarks : I’ll be honest, I almost groaned when I saw this in my pull list (the comics that you subscribe you which are set aside for you each week) but it went over a bit better than the first issue. I’ve also never played...
  • Forum Post: Re: Review Previews

    @Cameron: Many thanks! IDW: Borderlands Origins #1 Title: Close, but no Cigar Opening Remarks : Hello readers! Since you all have been so patient and attentive to the last however many comic blogs the Comics Group has brought you, we figured you deserved something a little more up your alley. Truth be...
  • Forum Post: Re: Review Previews

    Wildcard : IDW's Let's Play God #1 Curses! I’d promised myself I’d just stick to what was on my subscription list this week, but as I browsed the racks I kept coming back to this book. After flipping through it briefly, I added it to my ever-growing stack of comics. You’d think...
  • Forum Post: Re: Indie Comics

    @FAMESREVENGE: During the past week or two, Image has put out some titles that have really grabbed my attention. I'll list a few titles from them and other publishers that may be worth checking out. Keep us posted on your trek into indie titles. : Harvest (IDW) : This is about organ harvesting and...
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