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Confused about continuity? Want to start your own Marvel vs. DC superhero war? Head on in to pick apart storylines, books, artists, authors, and much more. The superhero registration line starts here.

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  • Forum Post: Re: New 52 (Likes, dislikes, and the like)

    @Chaos: Heh. True. I backed a kickstarter that she and Jim Calafiore launched but am still, as expected, waiting to get the book. I hope it's good.
  • Forum Post: Shameless Plugs

    It's finally happened- a place where we can shamelessly share comic related goodness for reasons of bringing creators, works, conferences, etc more exposure, has been created. You can post stuff about a local creator you know/don't know personally, a web comic you're really fond of, or whatever...
  • Forum Post: Re: Review Previews

    Normal 0 false false false EN-US ZH-CN X-NONE I hate to double post again :-( but the lapse in time between the last one and the lack of activity have prompted me to post another review here. It's of one of the kickstarter comics I backed last year and, as of now, is my favorite by far. You all can...
  • Forum Post: Re: Review Previews

    Wildcard, Blast Furnace: Recreational Thief Blast Furnace: Recreational Thief Opening Remarks : I am quite honored to review one of the first Kickstarter comics that I backed. The creator, Ryan Browne, originally created it as an improv web comic that he worked on for five days a week for a year’s...
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