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Confused about continuity? Want to start your own Marvel vs. DC superhero war? Head on in to pick apart storylines, books, artists, authors, and much more. The superhero registration line starts here.

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  • Forum Post: Re: New 52 (Likes, dislikes, and the like)

    @Chaos: Heh. True. I backed a kickstarter that she and Jim Calafiore launched but am still, as expected, waiting to get the book. I hope it's good.
  • Forum Post: New 52 (Likes, dislikes, and the like)

    I figured there should be a thread about everyone's thoughts on the reboot, even though I suspect most will be negative. I read Batgirl 18 yesterday and thought it was much better written than all of the other issues in the volume thus far. The thing is-it wasn't written by Simone but by Ray...
  • Forum Post: Re: Interviews, Articles and other stuff

    @Chaos: Hear! Hear! Off the top of my head I can tell two things about the Big Two. During DC's Flashpoint event, Marvel offered retailers a special variant- if they tore off the covers of some Flashpoint books and mailed them in . No joke. I heard that something similar happened during Blackest...
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